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Step Aerobics Characteristics

Once you decide for step aerobics, asfor any other sport or physical activity out there, you need to knowthat you need the right equipment of optimal performance. Thus,before starting your step aerobics, you must be aware of the itemswhich can help you perform it better and avoid injury much easier.

Step aerobics is a sport which is fullof action, involving your legs moving as well as your body. It is anexcellent cardio physical activity which is guaranteed to speed upyour metabolism and make you burn those calories in no time. However,this activity places a lot less stress on your joints and muscles as,for example, running or jogging does, therefore making it a safer,equally effective variant.

Necessary Equipment for Step Aerobics

First and foremost, step aerobics iscalled step aerobics because you need a step in order to perform it.Thus, you need to purchase an adequate step for your skill level andpurpose. There are adjustable steps, making it possible for you tomodify your exercising experience further and increase the height andthe angle of it as you grow more skillful. Unfortunately, these arequite costly and, thus, people opt for fixed steps instead, changingthem once they experience progress.

Additionally, some steps have anability to be stacked and made more compact, making it ideal fortraveling to the gym and back. Also, there are numerous raisers whichcan be mounted onto your existing step, making it more demanding andincreasing your step aerobics experience. These may come in apractical box keeping your floors and carpets safe once you decidenot to use raisers on your step.

Sometimes, your step aerobics trainingmay involve the usage of weights. Dumbbells are the type used in thisactivity and they add on to your workout experience. All you need todo is implement the adequate weight into your exercising program,toning your arm muscles along with the rest of your body. As youprogress, you can increase the amount of weights the dumbbells carry.

Next, aerobics goes better with rhythmand music. That being said, you may opt for a DVD with specificexercises matching your levels of step aerobics competence,incorporating music throughout it. Alternatively, an MP3 player maydo the trick as well.

Of course, you need to wear the rightclothing. Loose T shirts, in combination with long tights or shorts,seem to be the best choice for step aerobics, providing maximumcomfort. Gloves can provide you a better grip of your dumbbells too.Finally, you need good shoes, providing comfort and support, havingthe right cushioning capable of dealing with moisture while, at thesame time, applying adequate perspiration.

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