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Comparison ofjogging and speed walking

Since thedawn of humankind, walking has been the most widespread type of the physicalactivity. What is more, it is an inseparable part of human existence and thenatural mode of transport for all people. As one would guess, walking is aninnate type of exercise for humans. Now, there is the dilemma – all thingsconsidered, what is better for human health, jogging or brisk walking? This articlewill try to provide you with tips that might help you formulate your opinion.

Both typesof working out, speed walking and jogging have their positive and negativeaspects. It is worth noting that both types of exercise are enormouslybeneficial for a person’s health in general, especially the heart, bones andmusculature. Your degree of physical aptitude will dramatically increase if youstart working out regularly. If you either jog or walk in a quick pace, thelevel of cholesterol in your blood will be within healthy limits, plus yourblood pressure will be kept at bay.

Positive andnegative aspects

When talkingabout these two categories of physical exercise, jogging and speed walking,many people will instantly want to know how much calories both of these consumeover a period of time. It has been said that the speed at which you do theseexercises. For instance, when one walks at the speed of twelve minutes a milethey will consume a greater number of calories than jogging at the same speed.

The potentialdanger of getting injured is another aspect that influences the dilemma whetherone should jog or walk briskly. A study has been conducted and it demonstrated thatindividuals who engage in walking run a much smaller risk of getting an injury.The important thing when approaching any exercise is to increase the level andquantity of exercise gradually. The injury will appear if you start working outintensively when in fact you are not in such a good shape. So, go step by step,increase the amount of exercise so as to allow your joints and tendons to accommodateto the fresh level of strain that is expected of them.

Consider alsothe amount of time you have to spend on the desired mode of exercise. For example,if you don’t have the time to take a proper shower after you have worked out,then walking is the choice for you. However, if you can afford to take a showerafter exercising, then go jogging instead.

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