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Even really slim people often struggle with the fat deposits accumulated around their belly. Even those who exercise a lot, do specialized work out routines and follow weight loss diets sometimes have trouble getting rid of the belly fat.

Exercise and diet are the key in losing the stomach flab, but the metabolism is the third crucial element in this task.

The role of metabolism

Almost every weight loss regime is based on burning the excess fat. The best way to do it and to do it quickly and effectively is to speed up the metabolism. This can be obtained through diet and exercise.

The role of metabolism in weight loss is often misunderstood. A restricted calorie diet and lots of sit-ups or crunches work well for certain purposes, but unfortunately they are just not enough when it comes to the stubborn belly fat. Therefore it is better to concentrate on ways that will increase the metabolism, which, in turn, will melt that fat away.

Human body needs a certain amount of calories in order to be able to function properly. The energy comes from calories, which come from the food. The body’s cells use the calories for their own purpose and they are either spent on fuelling the daily functions or they are stored for future uses, and the energy is stored in the form of fat.

It is clear what happens when eating too many calories - the fat storage increases. But eating too few calories is not the solution either. It only confuses the body, which believes it enters a period of starvation, and it slows down the metabolism to save up energy. Not only that, it starts to break down lean muscle mass in order to gain energy it needs.

Speeding up the metabolism is the best way to avoid both of these processes. This task is much easier that what it seems.

How to speed up the metabolism and lose belly fat

The major part in speeding up the metabolism is the diet. It should be high in complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. The digestion of these foods requires more energy than with processed foods, sugars and saturated fats. The result is more calorie burning and the body running on optimum levels, with increased metabolism.

Resistance training, with weights, which builds lean muscle, is not only useful for the metabolism but it is also a great way to reshape the body to a desired form. The more lean muscle there is, the higher the metabolic rate will be. This results in more fat burning, which will translate to the belly fat as well.

The third step is aerobic and cardio exercise. Jogging, walking, cycling or swimming are great activities which improve the blood flow, eliminate the toxins, improve the overall health, and, of course, speed up the metabolism. The body starts using more energy and after only a few weeks or a month of this regimen, the belly fat will be significantly reduced.

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