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A Fact or Two about Running

Running is an extremely useful physicalactivity which can bring many different benefits to your health andoverall well-being. Namely, if you introduce running or jogging as apart of your weekly routine, you are bound to experience the positiveaspects of your choice in no time. Running makes our bones strongerand our metabolism faster, thereby, boosting our immunity andspeeding up our blood circulation, making our heart stronger andmaking us more resistant to illnesses. Therefore it is a healthydomino effect which needs to be a part of our lives if we desire tobe healthy and live a long, happy life.

Moreover, running stimulatescardiovascular exercise which, again, triggers the production ofhappy hormones making us feel better and the human growth hormonewhich slows down the process of aging making us younger and morecapable of dealing with all the hardships life throws at our feet.

All in all, running, jogging and othersuch activities are the key to health. However, you cannot just getout there and start running. During the first several minutes, youwill realize that you cannot even breathe, let alone run further.This is because your body has gotten used to the sedentary life youare leading, burning the sugars from your organism rather thatspending calories for energy.

Thus, you need to start your runningroutine gradually, teaching your organism how to deal with thephysical efforts it is being asked to invest. You want healthyoutcomes of your trainings. Make sure you teach your body how toperform just the way you want it to.

The Running Sequence

Before engaging into sprints andrunning itself, you need to start from the very basics. Stretching,relaxation of the muscles and casual walking can prove to be anexcellent start. This way, you will be boosting your stamina for thetimes to come, when you will introduce harder exercises. In time,increase your walking speed gradually and stick to it until your bodygets fully accustomed to your exercising regime. Then, start powerwalking for a long time, combining this with jogging, until you feelprepared to get into the running activity.

The important thing is to stay fit.Thus, the worst thing you can do is delay. Run at least 4 times aweek, without skipping. Making holes in your routine will decreasethe effect and will reset your body back to the previous level ofskill and stamina. Stay persistent and witness the miraculous changerunning can have on your life and health.

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