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Before You Set Off...

Jogging is an excellent aerobic exercise which will help you lose weight and burn calories while, at the same time, getting in shape. Thus, every woman can benefit greatly from this physical activity. Yet, before you set off on your workout journey, you need to know all about the ways of making your jogging more productive and safe. The following lines will tell you everything you need to know, so read on.

Safety First

Before even thinking about going out jogging, you need to know your jogging area. Therefore, if you are on a vacation and desire to make the most out of it by jogging, ask the staff from your hotel about the safety and the quality of the terrain around your area.

Surely, jogging is to be peaceful and serene. Yet, we live in a world full of dangers, where muggers and sexual abusers are lurking everywhere. Having said that, do not jog with your earphones on, listening to music. This can make you more relaxed, but it can also make you an easier target for those who wish to harm you. Thus, stay on the lookout. Moreover, listening to music will prevent you from hearing the sirens of cars or notice certain things you should avoid. For all these reasons, keep your ears focused on the world around you while you are jogging and give your best to do it during the sunny part of the day.

If you desire to be safer, bring a companion. You may jog with your spouse, partner, lover or a friend. Moreover, you may bring your dog with you. Either way, you will be more protected. Also, stick to the main roads, avoiding traffic as much as possible. Avoid jogging near trucks or darker areas and always carry some sort of protection with you, such as a bottle of pepper spray. Alternatively, you may learn some kind of self-defense, knowing how to react in dangerous situations.

The Jogging

If you are a beginner in the whole jogging process, it is best to speak to your doctor beforehand. Once he/she says it is perfectly safe for you to jog, do it. However, start the process gradually, moving on from walking to speed walking and advancing to jogging. Also, do not forget to wear adequate shoes and clothing, which will provide you support and comfort you need.

Always adjust your jogging to your own limits and never cross them. Crossing these limits will cause injuries, pain and discomfort. Thus, always stay in your safety zone. Keep yourself hydrated and limit your trainings to 30 minutes, three times a week.

Finally, never forget to warm up and stretch before jogging. Pay attention to your posture and, once your jogging session is done, do a couple of strength training exercises, since these will help you lose weight. In fact, jogging with weights on can be a very good choice, once you become more fit and experienced. Workout in intervals, combining different intensities, even sprinting for a couple of minutes every once in a while. Stay consistent, follow these rules, and you will lose weight in no time.

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