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In this article, we will talk about ways of burning calories. If you want to lose calories fast, you will have to run fast, which is one of the most important abilities of today's athlete. We will give you several drills that can help you accomplish this task of becoming a good athlete. By doing these drills, you will increase running speed, your posture, and you will use muscles more, which will make them tightened.


Remember to stretch always before you do a drill. The ones who are recovering from an injury should avoid doing these drills. If the distances are giving you problems, reduce them to a more appropriate for your level of fitness. The first drill we will give you is heel to toe. There are three varieties of this exercise, and for the first variety, walk for 200 meters while touching the ground first with your heels and then elevate to the ball of the feet. For the second variety, do the same thing while placing both hands behind the head. You will have to make shorter strides than the ones in the first variety. While first type of the drill will puts strain on calves, shins and feet, this will stress the trailing leg and hip flexor. Also, you will feel this area stretching, but if you are not experiencing this, use longer strides. The last type of the drill will involve the same exercises while holding your hands in the air. Run for 400 meters in the beginning.

Next drill we will discuss is jogging. You can do regular jogging, but remember that you must jog with your balls of the feet, while heels must not touch the ground. Feeling of bouncing should accompany this drill, and you can incorporate jumping with each step. This drill may be more strenuous for some people, but it will give you more exercise. In the beginning, run for 200 meters since this is more difficult drill than the first type of jog that should be performed for 400 meters. Next drill we will give you is walking high knees. While walking, try to elevate your knee as much as possible. Do this for 200 meters and walk a bit faster than regular walk. Butt kick is done when you move your legs so that heels touch the butt. Run and do this move for 200 meters. The last drill we will give you is called power skips. Basically, this is skipping, but try to jump as high as you can while thrusting leg up. Do this for 200 meters.

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