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Jogging and running are often neglected, being activities for which people do not have time, due to their busy working schedules and other preoccupations in their lives. However, once we take the fact that we need to take physical activity into consideration to stay healthy, we realize that neglecting activities such as jogging and running and expelling them from one's life can only result in his/her health deterioration. If you cannot afford the time or the money to go to the gym, running and jogging are free. Yet, these activities are equally beneficial when it comes to your health and overall well-being.

Jogging vs Running

Now that we are aware of how exactly physical activity is important for our proper functioning, we can learn how to differentiate jogging from running, since the two actions are not the same at all. Namely there are certain differences which separate one activity from the other.

As for jogging, it can be done by any human individual, regardless of the age. Both athletes and amateurs can benefit from jogging since it promotes health and keeps the body in a good physical shape.

Secondly, jogging has no specific requirements when it comes to terrains, organization and rules. Rather, any surface under your feet will work and you do not have to worry about the speed, time or any other factors of this type. In fact, you may jog on a treadmill machine as well.

When you jog, you invest only a limited amount of your strength, working out in a steady pace, with minimal efforts necessary for just a gradual increase of heart beat. Therefore, jogging is completely safe and you can perform jogging sessions every day. Finally, jogging boosts your immune system, keeps your body active and keeps you safe from numerous diseases, including cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis etc.

Running vs Jogging

Running is basically jogging taken on the next level. It requires advanced stamina, speed, strength and an adequate technique which enables you proper endurance.

Running has benefits too, even though, in most cases, it is only performed by professional athletes. Here, the type of shoes needs to be optimal, the terrain needs to be appropriate and the clothes need to be capable of regulating the body temperature, allowing proper perspiration. Most commonly, running is performed on the ground since this terrain prevents injuries, contrary to hard surfaces.

Finally, running engages the human body as a whole, being a rigorous type of exercising, boosting one's fitness levels significantly, burning calories rapidly.

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