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Promoting a healthy body does not mean only trying to make a strong and fit body. Some other additional things should be done. When it comes to physical activity, increasing muscle mass and eliminating fat tissue is just a part of the process, flexibility has to be included too.
There are the two types of workout, cardio exercising and muscle mass building. Those are basic forms from which more types were created, some sort of combinations that lean towards one or the other form. Cardio workout utilizes oxygen in muscle contraction process, which can make the exercise last a lot longer, if the strength used is set at low level. Muscle mass does not use oxygen and therefore, tiredness of the muscle is induced a lot earlier. Lactic acid is built up faster and that leads to exhaustion. In both of those types of exercising, it is very important to keep the muscles flexible, as much as possible. Not only that, but ligaments and tendons have to be flexible and elastic, too. It is essential to achieve that, especially if exercising is something that will go on for a long period. Flexibility will help with reducing the risk of getting affected by some injury, usually strain.
Stretching exercises
It is important to stretch properly, before and after the training session. Warming up is also necessary to apply before the exercising starts. Stretching will contract the muscles in a direction opposite to the direction used in exercising. How does stretching help? Well, when exercising and performing the same routine, muscles tend to get used to a certain position. Sudden contractions towards the opposite direction can cause a lot of strain and sprain, eventually. With proper stretching, that can be prevented. How to increase flexibility furthermore? There are exercising routines that are focusing on flexibility and elasticity, those are yoga, Pilates, some aerobic forms etc. Even though those forms might seem easy at the start, it is not the case, because proper and long performing requires a lot of stamina and endurance, and those forms are great for making a fit body and for elimination of fat tissue.
Also, it is important to emphasize the proper eating habits as another factor that contributes to the elasticity. Meals have to be rich in all nutrients needed, with a bit less carbs and fats if there is some excessive fat tissue present, and it is important to have all the needed vitamins and minerals.

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