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Exercising is a way of improving the physical condition of the organism. It can be done in several ways with two major types of workout used. One is for emphasizing the fat elimination and creation of the lean muscles, so-called cardio workout, while the other is all about making a bulking body with drastically increased muscle mass. It might be said that cardio workout is a bit healthier since muscles do weight a lot, and a lot of muscles can put strain to the heart the same as increased fat tissue. Of course, this is debatable, so in the end, it all depends on the wishes and desires of the practitioner. However, it can generally be said that men always want some sort of training that will include bulking up effect, while that is not so important for women.


But is there something else that can be achieved with exercising? It seems that people forget about simple things like flexibility and elasticity of the muscles, ligaments and tendons, which is also very important for the health status of the organism. Actually, along with increasing muscle mass or creating strong but lean muscles, flexibility of the entire body has to be increased too. There are certain exercises that should be applied and also there are a bit more advanced things, such as contortion backbend training. What is actually achieved with contortion backbend training? It is simple, you learn how to do a backbend! It might seem difficult, but with dedicated exercising, it can be done.


It is important to have a flexible spine in order to be able to execute a backbend, which means that some time should be spent performing stretching exercises before even trying a backbend. When a practitioner feels spine is flexible enough, backbend can be tried. It starts with bending the head backwards with hands raised. Actually, hands are starting the backbend and eyes should always follow the hands, which will ensure that head is always going back too. After the head and neck, shoulders are going back, followed by the rest of the spine, but the feet must be stable all the time. When hands touch the ground, moving must continue until forearms are on the ground. When position is stable, practitioner must try pushing the chin close to the knees, as much as possible.

This is the basic theory behind the backbend. In order for it to be done properly, abdominal, gluteal, pelvic and ilipsoas muscles must be strong and of course, flexible.

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