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Signs and symptoms of low self esteem

Low Self-esteem and Its Impact on One's Life

We, as people are bound to emotions. We perceive other people through emotions and get into relationships, as well as out of them the same way. Therefore, emotions are quite important to us, since they are the pillars of our existence. Thereby, people who suffer from low self-esteem and cannot open to other people, let alone get into serious relationships, tend to get secluded from any serious and healthy social interactions. Moreover, once a person lives with low self-esteem, he or she finds it hard to function at all, due to numerous doubts and fears related to their reflections in the world around them. All in all, this phenomenon is not a benevolent one and can lead one to desperation and total seclusion, casing other negative impacts on his/her life as well.

Signs of Low Self-esteem and Possible Remedies

One of the most common signs is absentmindedness, expressed through worries about past or future events. Namely, people with low self-esteem are always worried about some previous or future events and cannot concentrate on living the present happily, once they are engulfed in the time which is not here yet, or time which is already behind them. Therefore, whenever you experience troubles of this type, make sure you start breathing deeply. This way, you will concentrate on a present action, leaving small chances of being bothered by the past of future, concentrating on the present moments, cherishing them.

Similarity, people with low self-esteem are always dissatisfied with the status quo and desire things they currently do not have, claiming them to be the solutions of all of their problems. Before neglecting all we have and focusing on things we do not possess, we should look at all the things we are leaving behind. All we own or have is all a product of our effort and efforts of people who love us. Thus, we need to cherish all those things before wanting anything else.

Low self-esteem reflects through self-negativity. Thereby, people who have problems with their self-esteem are likely to undermine their successes and sabotage themselves instead of being happy. You need to appreciate yourself and your achievements more. So, listen to your talk and thoughts closely and react against this harmful negativity.

Additionally, people with low self-esteem tend to avoid relationships, either because they do not want to get hurt or because they do not want to hurt other people. We, humans, function on relationships between each other. It is our inborn characteristic. Therefore, do not fear what is natural, but, rather, explore and allow other to find what they need in you as well.

These people always act to be busy and tend to change jobs and interests often. However, you need a constant in your life, other than the low self-esteem you have. Thus, believe in yourself and find yourself a place in life where you will feel comfortable.

Finally, people with low self-esteem try to boost it by overindulgence in sex, drugs, alcohol or any other addiction. This is bad and will lead you nowhere. Face your problems and fears and try to fight them directly, instead of fighting your body and destroying it through an unhealthy lifestyle.

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