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An obstructed breathing in sleep ends with snoring problems. According to some research 45 % healthy adults snore and 25 % are just having a habit to snore. But a real problem appears when snoring interfere with a quality sleep and starts to bother everyone else. Inadequate sleep may have a bad effect on individual’s health. And for that reason it is very important to treat snoring as sooner as better.

There is a solution for such problem. It is called a snoring surgery. There are different procedures of surgery, but a brand new method includes laser intervention, more convenient for patients and for doctors to handle. Laser procedure is rather short procedure and do not include any cuts or stitches. Basically a treatment of patients with snoring problems depends on doctor’s diagnosis. Getting right diagnoses demands medical checks for deformity, nasal allergies, infection, tonsils...everything!

Otolaryngology’s today do various treatments when it comes to snoring. But the most effective solution for nasal obstruction medical problems is surgery. Surgery may not be successful and that depends of the surgeon. It also depends of the anatomy of a specific airway in patient’s nose and of course from the type of procedure. There are different procedures.

A Surgery

There are procedures and surgeries that can be conducted to stop snoring. Surgeries are the ultimate solution for a snoring problem, such as Injection Snoroplasty, Uvulopharyngopalatoplasty (UPPP) or Somnoplasty etc. However, there are other simpler solutions to solve this problem.Doctors usually try medications first, and then if it doesn’t work then surgery might be considered to proceed. For instance, injection snoroplasty is a type of surgery when 80 % of patients reduced snoring and injection snoroplasty is safe and successful and it is not that painful comparing with other surgeries.

Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) is the procedure that includes tightening of weak tissues and that way expanding the air passages in nose. Somnoplasty is a surgery operates on upper airway disorders, here involving chronically obstruction in nose, that way cutting down a habitual snoring. The surgery removes tissues of uvula and soft palate. This surgery uses the lowest level of radio frequency. There are two other procedures used to reduce snoring.A Thermal Ablation Palatoplasty (TAP) and 4 Tongue suspension procedures.Thermal Ablation Palatoplasty is different type of surgery and treats sleep apnea and it is not used with patients who are having blockages at the base of the tongue. And there is a Respose System, a less aggressive procedure. The operation loose up the base of tongue in sleep, preventing it that way, to block the passage of air pass. The procedure is done under total anaesthesia.

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