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Facts about Snoring

People who snore often make lives of others miserable during those sleepless nights they spend in bed. Amazingly, many people who snore, do not know anything about the causes, the internal manifestation, and other characteristics of snoring. Therefore, the following lines should shed some light on this problem, making you understand it better and possibly find a cure for it.

If we are to mention statistical data, amazingly 45% of people are prone to snoring from time to time, while 25% of people snore every time they sleep. This trait is more common in older people especially those who are overweight. Finally, snoring may be a sign of a serious underlying condition which needs to be taken care of. Therefore, there are many different things related to snoring, motivating us to look deeper into this problem.

Reasons behind Snoring

Snoring manifests through a specific sound being produced during sleeping. However, this is affected by several other things. First, once we are asleep, the muscles in our throat and respiratory system relax and become prone to vibrating. This vibration creates an obstruction to our airways, blocking the free flow of air through it. Basically, this obstruction is all that is necessary for snoring to commence and continue.

Snoring may be triggered by a poor muscle tone in our throat and mouth, making these, too relaxed and prone to the above mentioned vibrations. Additionally, alcohol is known to help this sleep tissue relaxation, thus people, after consuming it, often snore.

Also, when we are sick and suffering from nasal and throat congestion, snoring can occur. Furthermore, allergies, sleep apnea, sinus infection and excessive body weight are all some of the main causes behind the snoring issue.

Finally, a person might have respiratory system deformities, which may cause these problems. This includes anomalies in the airway width. Additionally, some people have larger tongues or other mouth parts, all of which may contribute to the onset of snoring. Thus, anatomic issues are also a potential cause.

All in all, since snoring may be bad for your health, you might consider seeking medical assistance and asking for advice to stop snoring and sleep safely, allowing everyone else to sleep well too.

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