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Recognizing a Drug Addict

Drug addiction is a terrible and destructing thing. Having a drug addict in your family can easily result in numerous problems and health deteriorations of both the family members who suffer from stress and have to endure the addict, and the addict him or herself who, by abusing drugs, harms his own well-being terribly. Parents and family are usually capable of noticing a drug addict within their household. Nevertheless, they prolong any reactions due to fear, denial and many other factors. However, it is important to act timely since, by taking measures regarding treatment of the person addicted to drugs, you will have bigger chances of success.Behavioral Patterns of a Drug Addict

Drugs are capable of changing one's conduct completely. Thus, regardless of a person’s calm character, he or she, while on drugs may be both verbally and physically aggressive, able to hurt strangers as well as those who they have emotional connections with. So, these drastic changes in one’s behavior are usually one of the major signs.

Gradual decrease in regular personal hygiene is another common sign. While on drugs, addicts care for nothing else, including their hygiene. That being said, be worried if your suspicious person is not changing clothes or bathing regularly.

Finally, there is stealing. Drug addicts need money in order to buy the substances they are addicted to. Therefore, once they spend all the money they have, they will turn to stealing things and selling them in exchange for drugs. This indicates that the addiction is ongoing for a longer period of time. If you have doubts about a certain person, keep him under surveillance by searching for any missing items in the household, or any new things looking suspicious. The addict may steal from people he or she does not know. However, he or she can steal from people close to him or her, even from family and friends. Also, if you decide to confront your stealing family member, s/he will probably lie and do everything in order to deny their misconduct. Therefore, lying is another common sign of a drug addiction, especially when combined with some other symptoms mentioned above.

The addict will probably lose his/her job due to absence or poor contribution. Drug users are usually lethargic and do little to help anybody but themselves. All in all, the signs are quite clear and, once you notice them you should react as soon as possible. There are various different types of therapies and treatments which can help addicts overcome this terrible habit of theirs.

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