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There are numerous signs of drug abuse which can be visible to either everyone else or the abuser him/herself. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the details related to the signs of drug abuse and learn to react timely, treating the addiction before it escalates into something far more serious and even life-threatening.

Signs of Drug Abuse

Once a person gets addicted to a specific drug, his/her tolerance for the substance increases. Thus, if you notice that you need to increase the dosage of the drugs you are using in order to achieve the desired effect, you might be addicted to the drugs.

Next, there are blackouts and memory loss occurrences. These are temporary in most cases and take place once you take the drugs. Basically, you are not capable of remembering what you were saying during the previous night, or recall any other events and occurrences you were involved in once you took the drug in question.

Also, once you start thinking about the drugs you are using too much, pondering over the next dosage or the amount of drugs you need to take all the time, this could be a sign of an ongoing drug addiction and drug abuse.

Additionally, breaking any limits and boundaries regarding drug abuse is yet another sign of addiction going overboard. For example, you may have had no problems stopping after taking a line of cocaine. However, if you cannot stop yourself and you take all the cocaine you have without control, you may have become a serious drug abusing addict.

Other Signs of Drug Abuse

Family, friends and people close to you may notice this negative change in your behavior or physical and mental characteristics. Usually, when people start tell you to stop, this means that you have gone overboard with your drug abuse.

Then, you might want to leave the current job you are involved in, move and find happiness and serenity elsewhere. Yet, this is also a sign of a drug abuse on the rise.

Your moral and ethical standards may be significantly reduced and you may start lying, stealing and cheating. If you notice these changes, yours addiction may be getting out of control. Furthermore, you may want to show yourself that you are not an addict by stopping the abuse for a day or some other limited amount of time. However, this is also a sign of a drug problem.

In time, your drug abuse may bring numerous negative things in your life. Arrests, divorces, loss of jobs, various conflicts and other such occurrences may all signify that you should seek help.

Finally, once you realize that you “need” the drug instead of “desire” it, you have become an addict.

Take these warning signs seriously and react if you notice them on yourself or anybody else.

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