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It is a painkiller, which is made of two kinds of opiates: codeine and thebaine. Due to these opiates, even about 40% of people taking this medicine become addicted to it after a longer period of time of consuming it. This drug cannot be obtained without the prescription so the doctors are those who are usually responsible for the hydrocodone addition, since they are those who give this painkilling medicine to their patients. Thus, the patient taking the drug even under the doctor’s surveillance, gradually develops addiction to it. Nevertheless, it can be overcome; all that is needed is a strong will and strength of mind. The doctors tend to prescribe this drug as a pain reliever for the chronic cough and harsh back pain. Hydrocodone bitartrate and acetaminophen are the main ingredients of this drug and while the former treats cough and pain, the later reduced the fever.
Signs of hydrocodone addiction
The people taking this medicine may experience a feeling of euphoria, elevated levels of happiness cheerfulness and welfare. Gradually, the person taking it becomes aware of the drug’s impact and indulges himself/herself in consuming the drug. However, once the body becomes dependable on hydrocodone, the person taking it may recognize the signs since there are several ones.The people who have developed hydrocodone addiction usually get an odd habit called doctor shopping, where they start to change the doctors in order to get the multiple prescriptions of this drug and have it in abundance for any case. In most cases, they buy the drug in different pharmacies and for cash.Furthermore, the people addicted to this medicine tend to take more drugs than it is necessary. They go frequently to the doctor asking for more pills, naming the travelling as an explanation or even the loss of prescription. Furthermore, they become extremely anxious when their supply of the tables is running out.Besides the obvious behavioral changes, people addicted to hydrocodone may experience several physical symptoms. Anxiety, impatience, agitation and insomnia are some of the symptoms of the hydrocydone addiction. Furthermore, restless leg syndrome, diarrhea and vomiting may also appear.The hydrocodone addiction may cause the development of bad habits in the people suffering from it. They may start stealing, lying, and acting deceitfully only to secure enough supplies of the drug. Avoiding the family and close friends and seeking new friends, running out of cash and frequent mood alteration may point towards hydrocodone addiction.

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