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People who realize that they are battling with a drug addiction usually feel ashamed, alone, isolated and helpless. However, they hardly are alone since there are countless other individuals walking in their shoes, battling addictions at the same time, or sinking deeper in their drug abuse routines. However, problems are solved by taking action and once you notice signs of a drug addiction in yourself or someone you care about, make sure you learn more about the problem you are facing and seek help as soon as possible.

Facts about Drug Addiction

Drug addiction can be described as a compulsive need to use drugs. Thus, people who are drug addicts cannot live without the substances they abuse and they feel overwhelmed by an indescribably strong need to take drugs or consume alcohol, even when they know that this is bad for their health. Many people who are not addicted to drugs cannot understand the logic behind this self-destructive behavior. However, the brain of the addict cannot battle the addiction.

The Brain of an Addict

Constant, repetitive drug abuse triggers permanent changes in the brain, altering its ways of functioning and carrying out certain operations. Therefore, addicts face impaired judgment and altered behavior. Therefore, they cannot feel healthy or normal without the drug in their system. However, the main power of any addiction lies behind the withdrawal symptoms. Each time an addict tries to quit the substance abuse, these signs strike his/her organism hard, and he/she seeks refuge in a relapse to his/her drug abuse once again.

The Ways of an Addiction

People usually try drugs out of curiosity. Naturally, factors like peer pressure, social circles or escapism, all influence one's choice to indulge into drug abuse for the first time. Initially, the drug makes a person feel better, helping him/her overcome all the previously unsolvable problems. Therefore, the person takes the drug again and again, seeking the same effect. Finally, the addiction develops as the drug takes over one's physical and psychological needs. In fact, this change from desire to need is the main sign of a drug addiction.

The Negative Effects of Drug Addiction

As it was mentioned above, drugs affect people's brains negatively, inhibiting memory, learning capabilities, motivation, judgment and emotional regulation. Moreover, the effect of drug abuse is equal in most cases, regardless whether you are using nicotine, alcohol, heroine, Xanax or some other drugs. Your addiction will become more important than anything else in your life, including friends, family, career and overall happiness and goals in life.

Finally, many people end up being drug addicts once they use drugs for treating certain conditions like pain, insomnia, stress etc. Either way, drug abuse can only bring misery in your life and you are advised to stop as soon as possible, seeking professional medical help.

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