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Both adults and children abuse drugs. In fact, incredibly large number of individuals are prone to this unhealthy and destructive lifestyle. It leads to numerous problems regarding both health and social life of an individual. However, children who abuse drugs are commonly perceived as greater victims since they are deprived of the information on the dangers of drug abuse and they throw away their future due to this kind of abuse. Drug abuse has destroyed countless families, due to the fact that it manifests through stealing, lies, cheating, verbal and physical conflicts and disharmony in every sense of the word.

Families and Drug Abuse

Parents who are alcoholics or drug addicts usually do not do their parenting job right. On the contrary, their mood swings can often wreak havoc upon the serenity every household should be. Thus, the child of addict parents is likely to end up insecure and alone most of the time. This inconsistent parental care will confuse the child and make him/her make some important choices in life prematurely.

Basically, a child may grow up too fast due to a lack of support and caring from the parents, taking up many responsibilities, finding a job or managing the household on his/her own. On the other hand, the child, when in this situation, may act rebellious, dropping out of school and leading a criminal life, getting educated by the street. Having a parent who is constantly under the influence of either drugs or alcohol can lead to a development of serious mental imbalances, often forcing children to make choices they will regret later.

Home Sweet Home?!

As the addiction of the parent continues to take its toll, the child may need to put up with violence and aggressive behavior, sexual and physical abuse and numerous other problems which can make life incredibly difficult for a teenager or a younger person.

Therefore, this kind of reality may lead to depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies. So, children from these kinds of social backgrounds tend to be introvert, lacking self-esteem, performing badly at school and having problems making friends.

Finally, having parents who abuse drugs or alcohol, may turn you into an addict as well. Namely, children growing up under such conditions have no ideas about how a normal family looks and feels like. Therefore, they may perceive addiction as something normal, following their father or mother's footsteps, right into deterioration and disaster. Seeing a parent deal with stress through alcohol or drugs will teach you to do the same, repeating the mistakes of those who you trust the most.

The worst case scenario can be avoided if the child seeks help from a sober and clean relative, friend of the family, teacher or the other parent.

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