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What is a Drug Addiction?

A state in which you cannot live without drugs is called a drug addiction. In this stage, a drug addict will risk everything and everyone to obtain a new dose of the necessary drug. When the effect of the last drug abuse wears out, the addict continues his or her search for an additional source. This often leads to stealing, lying, and hurting even loved ones, only to get the means for a new dose.

While the symptoms are usually similar, the drugs may vary from those that can be purchased in a pharmacy, those bought on the street as well as many different inhalants. Also, tobacco and alcohol may create addiction if used excessively. Reasons behind drug abuse can be many, Differing from one individual to another.

Causes of Drug Addiction

As mentioned above, there can be many causes, depending on the lifestyles of those who developed the addiction. Firstly, some take drugs for sports. Namely, people who do sports and endure hard competition each time and they are supposed to give their best, sometimes break under the pressure and decide to use illegal supplements to achieve greater muscle mass or advance in some other aspects more quickly.

Also, a person suffering from a certain condition may have taken excessive amounts of the prescribed medications, getting addicted during the process, and unable to stop taking them even after the condition had been cured.

Further on, a lack of self-esteem and constant peer pressure may lead one to drug abuse. This is the same for young people in schools as well as older, working people. Both school and work may be places where one gets underestimated, ridiculed, unappreciated, and scorned, thus seeking refuge through various drugs.

Problematic relationships or even marital issues may cause one to take drugs. Loneliness, triggered either by all the factors mentioned above or, perhaps, by the loss of a dear person or the ending of a love relationship, may all have drug consumption as a side-effect, the victim seeking salvation through it.

Addiction is a social disease that has physical and psychological complications. Determination of causes of drug addiction plays an important role in the health planning.
  • The aim of this study was to determine to the major causes of drug addiction in addicts referred to addiction centers of Tabriz city, east Azarbaijan province, Iran, in 2015.
  • In this cross-sectional study, 525 drug addicts who were referred to the addiction centers of Tabriz, Iran, were enrolled. The researcher-made questionnaire included open and closed questions and aimed to evaluate the causes of drug addiction. The questionnaire’s reliability and validity were evaluated and approved. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics by SPSS software version 17.
  • From a total of 525 addicts, 488 cases were male and 37 were female. Failures in life and escape from problems were the major causes of drug addiction. There was a significant difference between male and female addicted persons in most of the drug addiction causes (P
✓ Fact confirmed: Major Causes of Drug Abuse From the Viewpoint of Addicted Persons Referred to Addiction Treatment Centers of Tabriz City, Iran Mahnaz Pourallahvirdi, Farzad Rahmani, Fatemeh Ranjbar, Haniyeh Ebrahimi Bakhtavar, Arezu Ettehadi; June 8, 2016

While this refuge in drugs may be sought for one to forget some traumatic experiences from the past or overcome some chronic illnesses and conditions, it may be caused by much less serious reasons. Simply, curiosity, craving for a new experience, having friends who do drugs, or simply having a cheap and easy way of obtaining drugs are all reasons enabling one to take this wrong step into the world of drug addiction.

Finally, getting in is easy. However, getting out of a drug addiction can be extremely hard and often impossible. One may need medical help as well as the assistance of all of his family and friends to have a chance against this perilous condition.

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