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What is a Drug Addiction?

A state in which you cannot livewithout drugs is called a drug addiction. In this stage, a drugaddict will risk everything and everyone in order to obtain a newdose of the necessary drug. When the effect of the last drug abusewears out, the addict continues his or her search for an additionalsource. This often leads to stealing, lying, and hurting even his orher loved ones, only to get means for a new dose. While the symptomsare usually similar, the drugs may vary from those which can bepurchased in a pharmacy, those bought on the street as well as manydifferent inhalants. Also, tobacco and alcohol may create addictionif used excessively. Reasons behind drug abuse can be many, Differingfrom one individual to another.

Causes of Drug Addiction

As mentioned above, there can be manycauses, depending on the lifestyles of those who developed theaddiction. Firstly, there are those who took drugs for sports.Namely, people who do sports and endure a hard competition each timeand they are supposed to give their best, sometimes break under thepressure and decide to use illegal supplements in order to achievegreater muscle mass or advance in some other aspects more quickly.Also, a person suffering from a certain condition may have takenexcessive amounts of the prescribed medications, getting addictedduring the process, unable to stop taking them even after thecondition had been cured.

Further on, lack of self esteem andconstant peer pressure may lead one to drug abuse. This is the samefor young people in schools as well as older, working people. Bothschool and work may be places where one gets underestimated,ridiculed, unappreciated and scorned, thus seeking refuge throughvarious drugs. Problematic relationships or even marital issues maycause one to take drugs. Loneliness, triggered either by all thefactors mentioned above or, perhaps, by a loss of a dear person or anending of a love relationship, may all have drug consumption as aside-effect, the victim seeking salvation through it.

While this refuge in drugs may besought in order for one to forget some traumatic experiences from thepast or overcome some chronic illnesses and conditions, it may becaused by a much less serious reasons. Simply, curiosity, craving fora new experience, having friends which do drugs or simply having acheap and easy way of obtaining drugs are all reasons enabling one totake this wrong step into the world of drug addiction.

Finally, getting in is easy. However,getting out of a drug addiction can be extremely hard and oftenimpossible. One may need medical help as well as assistance of all ofhis family and friends in order to have a chance against thisperilous condition.

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