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Addictive Personality CharacteristicsPeople who are suffering from the addictive personality disorder have the some habitual activities like drug or alcohol abuse, gambling, eating or not eating etc. They are addicted to these actions and cannot stop doing them and indulging into all other things connected with these activities. However, these people are hard to diagnose since, usually, they keep their addictive behavior a secret, indulging into it in privacy or when among unknown people. Usually, only after the addiction had already taken its toll on a person, is he or she diagnosed with it. Read on in order to learn about people with addictive personality disorder, symptoms of this condition and possible means of treatment.

Manifestations of Addictive Personality Disorder

The first prominent symptom is antisocial behavior. Namely, people who have problems with addictions, especially drugs and alcohol, will want to stay detached from the rest of the world completely. They prefer isolation and being alone with themselves. This is due to their incapability of coping with other people, since they will most likely judge the addictive behavior or lifestyle this person has. Thus, he or she will rather stay away from all other people, justifying his or her actions for him or herself.

Secondly, being terribly prone to addictions, these people, once lacking one source of their addiction, are likely to switch to another one. Therefore, if an alcoholic is deprived of alcohol in any way, he or she may turn to drugs, gambling or some other vices.

Additionally, addicts are taught, through their abuse, that all things in life should be like a quick fix. So, unrealistically, they expect everything to be instantly effective, as well as their possible recovery, or their relationships or problems. This makes them less prone to planning or developing goals. Rather, they live for the moment. Subsequently, if an addict gets left without his or her quick fix in life, he or she is bound to get aggravated, angry and even depressed or anxious. Usually, these actions are triggered once he or she is asked to stop with the addiction or to find treatment.

Finally, there is secrecy. As mentioned above, all addicts keep their vice a secret, for many reasons. Some do not wish to be misunderstood or judged by their family and people close to them, while others wish to be left alone so as to enjoy in their addictions further. Whichever the addiction, it needs to be treated timely, since, the longer a person is an addict, the more catastrophic the effects of the addiction will be. Thus, as soon as you notice addictive behavior in a person close to you, act. You may choose psychotherapy, rehabilitation centers or some other therapies and treatments. All in all, taking action timely is crucial for the prevention of any addiction.

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