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Addictive Personality Characteristics

Some people are more prone to getting addicted to the certain things than other people are. This is due to many different reasons including genetics and social influence. Regardless, being prone to additions is not a good state of affairs for one to be in. Namely, addictive people can have drugs, alcohol or smoking as the sources of their addiction. Thereby, this condition makes a person very self-destructive. What is more, this does not stop here, since addictive people may found their obsession on simple activities like eating specific types of food, drinking coffee all the way up to stealing things or gambling. So, this is not a phenomenon to be taken lightly. Lives of many people were destroyed due to their addictions and there is an ever-growing number of addicts in the world. Therefore, in order to understand this unfortunate condition we need to look deeper into it and analyze it further.

What Makes a Person Addictive?

First and foremost, anxious people are the most endangered group. People who have difficulties dealing with problems and get frustrated and nervous easy, often indulge in alcohol, drugs or some other activities of this type, wanting to take all their problems away, or make it easier for them to deal with these. Also, passive aggressive people tend to become addicts, since they hide their frustrations behind their calmness and need something like the above mentioned substances to help them.

Secondly, people who desire instantly achieved goals often end up addicted to psychoactive substances or alcohol. These individuals cannot focus on any long term goals or desires. Rather, they desire the effect at the very moment of them wanting it. Thus, drugs, being the “quick fix” they are, provide these people with what they need.

Additionally, insecure people, or people who jump from one addiction to another as well as those who are immature in nature, all are prone to developing this self-destructive phenomenon. Also, failed perfectionist and antisocial people turn to drugs or alcohol for comfort while surviving their life hardships.

Causes and Additional Facts

Whichever the cause may be, addicts are what they are due to a wish to escape from a harsh reality they despise or due to the fact that they like what they experience while feeding their addictions. Thus some people are addicts due to the effect, while some others are such due to their dislike of the world around them.

Upon seeking medical assistance, the doctor may conduct a series of psychological and physical tests in order to establish a proper diagnosis of an addict's behavior, or rule out this condition. It is the best choice for every addict since, if they continue their unhealthy way of life, they might lose people they love, as well as all they ever had in this world, including their life. Addicts need support, and all people close to them should provide it. However, if the addict refuses to find treatment, and continues returning to his/her addiction no matter what, he/she will likely be left alone eventually.

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