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Drug addiction is a serious condition when your body and mind is used on a certain drug and it shows huge urge for it. The trouble of drug addiction is that a person who is a drug addict cannot realize they are addicted.

Many people tried drugs at one point in their lives. Trying drug once does not make you an addict. It makes you try drugs again. If however, you are using drugs repeatedly and you are willing to sacrifice other things in lives such as your relationship, job, family money just to buy drug you are serious drug addict. In order to stop using drugs you need help from your family, friends, partners as well as professional help. You can visit certain clinics or support groups that can help you deal with your problem. When you decide to stop using drugs be prepared that you will experience withdrawal symptoms which can be very difficult and unpleasant.

If you are addicted on drugs you will think constantly about how to find your favorite drug. You will work only to afford buying drugs. Sometimes you can decide to do a criminal action just to find money for the drug. If you catch yourself not listening to other people who are warning you that you need to quit using drugs and you hear yourself persuading them that you control the situation you do have a drug problem. If you cannot feel fulfilled in regular life and you think that you can be happy only if you are high, you are addicted. The trouble with drugs is that your body gets used to certain amount of drugs and it needs bigger and bigger quantities only to feel high again.

If you are a parent pay attention on your teen's behavior. If he or she misses classes at school, shows no interest whatsoever in daily activities and classes at school, he or she constantly feels sick, weak or sleepy they might be having drug problems. More serious problems can include running away from home, depressive or aggressive behavior, insulting parents or friends etc. If you notice that your child neglects his or her looks, or if you see that he or she spends to much money that cannot be justified be prepared that they may be drug addicts.

Long term usage of drugs results in mental and emotional problems such as not fitting into society, not wanting to work or have friends and family, not being able to communicate with others in a healthy way, feeling confused by the life and so on. If you are using drugs you have bigger chances to catch sexually transmitted disease due to weakened immunity system and unconscious risky sexual behavior. If you combine alcohol and drugs you can engage yourself into car or other type of accidents. Using drugs constantly will make you feel useless and depressed and all these may evoke suicidal thoughts in you. Overdose can cause comma or death. Not rare are family problems such as divorces, abuses, fights etc. You may have financial problems due to your inability and lack of will to work, but strong urge to buy drugs which can be expensive or you simply need a lot to feel high. Drug addicts often have legal problems which will be written in their record and follow them throughout their lives.

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