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Many times it is not so difficult to recognize a drug addict. Some of many physical signs of behavioral changes drive a person to assume that one may be suffering from some kind of drug addiction.

It is essential to be familiar with at least some signs of drug addiction. If the addiction is caught on time, the affected individual has better chances to overcome the problem and get back on track.

Physical Signs of Drug Abuse

Most physical signs of drug abuse are recognized and reported when a person is in need for another dose of the drug he/she has developed addiction to. Also undergoing withdrawal is fulfilled with a bunch of symptoms and signs which simply cannot be neglected.

The addict may experience changes in appetite (loss or increase in appetite) and changes in eating habits in general. All these are accompanied by either weight loss or weight gain. Furthermore, poor physical coordination as well as slowed or staggered walk may point to the presence of addiction. The person may experience sleeping difficulty, have red and watery eyes with pupils larger or smaller than their regular size. Cold and sweaty palms, shaking hands, extreme hyperactivity, extreme talkativeness are several more signs of drug addiction.

Such individuals also tend to suffer from irregular heartbeat, may feel nauseated, vomit or sweat profusely. Finally, runny nose and needle marks are signs commonly of long-term addiction.

Behavioral Signs of Drug Abuse

Drug addicts generally undergo a change in overall personality, especially when an addiction becomes severe. For instance, a person usually rejects old friends and turn to new ones, people who are drug addicts as well. The person also seems to be less interested in family and family activities.

There is also a change in activities as well as hobbies and interests of the affected individual. Adolescents have problem with their grades which, for unknown reason, become worse.

Some of the behavioral changes also include difficulty in paying attention, forgetfulness, lack of energy, oversensitivity, temper tantrums, moodiness, irritability and nervousness. Some addict even develop paranoia.

So basically each and every drastic change in one's behavior, particularly if it is accompanied by certain physical signs may sufficient enough for confirmation of the problem.

Finally, apart from the previously mentioned there are signs of drug addiction that may easily point to the specific drug addiction a person is dealing with. It is not the same if a person is addicted to marijuana or takes prescribed medications. So, get fully informed about each and every type of addiction and you will be able to recognize a drug addict and may try to help him/her help himself/herself.

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