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For centuries, there are a lot of types of addictions. Addiction is actually very common thing. It can also be mention that human beings are addicted to a lot of different things, like food, water, air, but also there are some things that are not usual to be addiction on with it.

When we mention word addiction, we usually think on some addiction to different substances, so there are also different kinds of addictions. For example, the most common is drug addiction, but older, and same dangerous is alcohol addiction. There is also tobacco addiction, addiction to sweets, addiction to some kind of food, like fast food, chewing gums..and a lot of different kinds of things-gamble, sex, stealing..

In these days, when some new technologies are available, we can catch sigh of some new kinds of addiction-addiction to technologies.

Certainly, we can imagine the modern life without mobile phones, internet, television, but what if some people verbatim cannot live without some of mentioned devices? In these cases, we can talk about addiction to technology.

The television use to be the first cause of technologic addiction, but for today, internet has the primate. American psychological Association has recognized the internet addiction as very serious problem of today, so it is very important to mention some of the typical shapes of behavior of the persons that suffer this kind of disorder.

The first step in this kind of disorder is that person starts to spend a lot of time on internet. Sometimes it is very hard to notice, because some people have jobs that includes time on internet. Also, difficult can present the fact that internet is very useful, so addiction can successfully be covered by those facts.

Fortunately, as every other well-known addiction, internet addiction also can be recognized by some signs.

The most common signs of internet addiction are loss of sense of the time. The person that suffers from internet addiction can spend a lot of time on line, but always would have feeling that he or she spent just a couple of minutes. Also there are more common and more specific sings of addiction that can be recognized in any other different kind of addiction, and these signs are depression, tension, anger, anxiety, in the situation when addicted person is without internet.

There are also things like lying and abandonment of every common social activity, such as leaving job or school, neglect the family liabilities. Tiredness is also very common sign of addiction.

Fortunately, like every other addiction, internet addiction also can be treated well.

If you notice some of mentioned signs in your behavior or in behavior of your friends or family members, do not think a lot before you seek help.

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