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There are not a lot of people who know that hydrocodone is used with some other analgesics in order for the pain killers and cough suppressants to be made. Experts obtain hydrocodone from codeine or thebain. People should know that thebain is a natural narcotic drug which has opium in it. Because of these two elements, people take hydrocodone again and again. Just like with most drugs which are being used excessively, people develop a tolerance to it and need to take more of it in order to feel the right effect. When that happens, a person gets addicted to hydrocodone. Just like with any addiction, a person will treat it more easily and effectively if the symptoms and signs are noticed early.

Hydrocodone addiction causes

The government has declared this drug as the controlled substance and that is why it is so available. Because of that availability, increased abuse has been noticed. Certain people are not ashamed to fake pain in order to be prescribed with the drug. There is no need for them to buy expensive street drugs if they can fake being in pain and get the officially prescribed drugs.

Hydrocodone addiction symptoms

In most cases it is not hard for people to notice the symptoms of addiction in people who are addicted to hydrocodone. Some of the most common are often requests for medications that contain hydrocodone like Vicodin or taking the tablets way too quickly and asking for refills before the due date.

Switching from one doctor to another for no particular reason is also a sign of addiction. These people also choose several doctors in order to get more prescriptions at once.

A person who is addicted will always lack money and will usually be seen with new friends. On the other hand, he or she will avoid old friends. Mood changes are also pretty common. Dishonest behavior is also seen quite often in these people.

Hydrocodone addiction treatment

This treatment involves the use of drug rehab program during which a person will experience slow hydrocodone withdrawal. The good thing is that the withdrawal symptoms cannot kill a person. People need to know that a person who is getting rid of the addiction will find a lot of relief in detoxification. However, it needs to be carried out gradually. That way, the withdrawal symptoms will not be as bad.Certain treatment plans also involve the use of certain medications like methadone and ibuprofen. A person needs to consume a lot of water. The help of friends and family is also important.

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