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The Addictive Mind of a Narcissist

Narcissists are people with quite apeculiar personality disorder. Namely, the very purpose of theirlives and existence is preserving their absolutely perfectself-image. Of course, this image is completely false. Nevertheless,for a narcissist is anything but that. Therefore, a narcissist needs constant confirmation of things he/sheconsiders to be true for him/her. However, in contrary to otherpeople who also desire to be confirmed, a narcissist is ready to use manipulation, mental andphysical abuse as well as many other methods, some worse than theothers, in order to get positive or negative attention.

Thus, a constant desire to be thecenter of attention is the main addiction of a narcissist. There areother possible addictions a narcissist may have. Nevertheless, thisself-indulgence is, by far, the strongest one.

Other Addictions Narcissists are Proneto

Since they have one main addiction,which, by itself, gives birth to the belief that they, themselves,are the perfect human beings, incapable of making mistakes,narcissists are prone to other addictions as well.

For example, if a narcissist believesthat cigarettes make him/her more beautiful or perfect in anyrespect, they will smoke until this habit kills them. No onecan make them change their minds.

What is more, whenever faced with factsof their wrongdoing, narcissists are bound to deny and act protectivenessof themselves, which is the first sign of addictive personality.

If we are to look from a broaderspecter, being a narcissist is not an easy way of life. You areconstantly faced with doubts and challenging issues which can minglewith your high self-esteem. Therefore, you need something that canmake you stronger and capable of ignoring all the factors which standin the way of your vision of life. Thus, they become addicted tosubstances which relax them and make their negative emotions becomebleak.

Also, addictions are actually signs of a narcissist's rebellion, making him/her show the worldthat it is wrong, allowing him/her to do whatever they please,regardless of the view of others. Addictions are their refuge, theirweapon against the “ignorant and imperfect” world and a constantsource of stimulation.

We should not forget that addictionsare consolation, escapist measures which make them feel secure and incontrol of their lives and lives of others.

Therefore, there are plenty of reasonsfor narcissists' addictions. Spending your life in a illusion is notan easy task and these people need all the stimulation they can get.

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