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A Computer Addiction?

Since the very moment computers wereavailable for individual use, they were used for both business andentertainment. However, as the internet and the computers themselvesevolved, so did the variety of entertaining things you can do byusing both. Thus, many people, especially children enjoy playing agame or two in their leisure time. However, some people havedeveloped addictions towards different forms of computer-relatedentertainment and are unable to let go, spending countless hours infront of their computer screens. Many different aspects of computerentertainment contribute to the development computer addictions. Readon to learn which are the most influential and why.

Addictive Aspects of Computers

First of all, there is the internet; a World Wide Web connection providing you with the possibility to getconnected with people around the world. This can be veryentertaining, but also quite addictive, especially when it comes toonline games. Namely, these games are played by hundreds, eventhousands, or millions of people at once. This makes many of thegames life-like, where you can stay online and play games whichsimulate reality. Subsequently, you transfer your reality into thegame's fiction and, as long as your game character is fresh, fed andin good shape, you are prepared to neglect yourself completely. Manypeople have spent hours, even days without sleeping and eating, letalone taking care of their personal hygiene, completely addicted to acomputer game.

Secondly, there are chat rooms. Many otherwise shy and reserved people use chat rooms to get in contactwith other people. There, they create and image about themselves,which usually has little to do with reality and develop pen-palrelationships with other people. This can easily create addictionssince antisocial people who have troubles forming relationships inthe real world, can easily prefer the chat room reality instead.There, they have an artificial identity they like better than theirreal selves and “friendships” they cherish more than their realones. This can easily become addictive and overcome one's real life.MSN, Yahoo chat, Google Talk, Skype and Facebook are just part ofthis endless cosmos of online communication, highly addictive formany people.

Additionally, there are people who areaddicted to online shopping. They enjoy the thrill of bidding andcompeting for the best price, or they want all the things available,even though they actually do not need them. Either way, people loseserious amounts of money this way and develop addictions which canleave them destitute.

Last, but not the least is onlinegambling and pornography. While addiction to the latter is quiteself-explanatory and takes countless hours of time while enjoyingoften perverse and illegal videos and images, sometimes even payingfor them, the former has led many people to self-destruction sincethey spent all their money and lost all of their possessions andfamily due to their abnormal gambling addictions.

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