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Sexual addiction is a psychological condition in which a patient is obsessed with sexual thoughts, feelings or behaviors. People suffering from sexual addiction often struggle to manage their sexual behavior. This condition can affect the patient’s health, career, social interaction or many different aspects of his or her life. This condition is also known as hypersexuality, nymphomania, sexual dependency or sexual compulsivity. There is no consensus among sexologists regarding whether sexual addiction exists or not. Moreover, they are not completely sure how exactly to describe this phenomenon and where to classify it. On the other hand, for many people this is a serious concern and the most complex obsession, accompanied with intense conflicts. Fortunately, everybody can overcome it with a couple of very simple and commonsensical methods.
Symptoms of sexual addiction
Sexual addiction is described by generally adequate sexual acts taken to an extreme. In other words, a person is sexually addicted when he or she practices normal sexual behavior very often or constantly feels strong sexual tension. A person usually feels out of control of the intense sexual impulses. In many cases, sexually addicted persons engage in sexual behavior but do not feel their desire is satisfied or that they had enough pleasure. Most of the affected persons use compulsive sexual behaviors as an escape from other problems. These people often involve in risky sexual behavior and have pronounced troubles establishing and maintaining emotional closeness.
Overcoming sexual addiction
Sexual addiction is caused by mistreatment of a person's natural sex drive. It often manifests either through addictive masturbation, obsessive use of porn, fetishes, phone sex or infidelity. The only way to fix it is to go through a couple of simple steps and first admit there is a problem. One of the first obstacles people usually face when they try to overcome any addiction is a fear of failure. This is a normal fear people face whenever they are about to accomplish something, and the only way to overcome it is to find a successful approach and persist. To overcome sexual addiction one should need a lot of free will, a lot of knowledge and hard work. Counseling will provide one with enough knowledge and motivation. Counseling can also help to resist self deception which is the person’s strongest defense system against admitting he or she is addicted. People often rationalize their obsession by thinking they just have more sex drive than most people, or that they involve in compulsive sexual behavior just to relieve stress. If a person is realistic, most sexual addictions are easy to overcome.

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