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A Thing or Two about Sugar

Sugar is all around us, present in almost everything we eat. Besides being a crucial part of fruits and sweets like cakes, cookies and chocolates, sugar is also found in other products such as bread and most snacks made from white flour. There are healthy sugars and those that are not. Of course, all the natural sugars we consume, are easily digested. Processed white sugar hardly has any positive effects upon our body or overall well-being. The only thing it does is provide a temporary energy boost, when we are feeling; weak, exhausted or tired, which can make it addicting. Our bodies connection between sugar and feeling the fatigue, stimulates our craving for sweets. This can easily lead to the development of a sugar addiction, which, if left neglected can be as dangerous as some of the most severe drug addictions.

Manifestations of Sugar Addiction

One of the most common signs of sugar addiction is having cravings for sugar and consuming sweets every time you feel sad or depressed. Also sugar addicts, if they do not feed their addiction, feel restless and nervous at the end of the day. Logically, people who are addicted to sugar should be prone to eating a lot of food rich with it every day. Any lack of this type of food in their diet can result to “withdrawal symptoms” like headaches, negative moods anxiety or even anger.

Now, even though these may strike every person, if you know you consume a lot of different sugar daily, and suffer from two or more of these symptoms, you should seek medical assistance since there is a large possibility that you are addicted to sugar.

What Can Be Done?

First and foremost, you need to decide to stop your addiction and prepare to change your lifestyle completely. Once you manage to get into this state of mind, you are prepared to move to more radical steps.

You are not supposed to eat any food with high sugar levels. Start checking ingredients on everything you buy and and put everything which is high in sugar back on the shelf. It would be even better if you could make your meals at home, making sure that you are eating no sugar at all. Rather you are to find a substitute to sugar. Honey, being an incredibly healthy alternative, can replace sugar completely, providing you with sweetness while not being harmful for your organism.

Also, do not consume alcohol and white flour products, making sure your diet is oriented towards fruits and vegetables. Make sure you drink sufficient amounts of water and resist any sugar cravings you might feel.

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