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Sharp lower back pain and possible causes

Pain in the back can never be ignored, and what’s more, it can rarely be tolerated for a longer period, which is why people tend to rely on pain relievers as the easiest solution to get rid of it, at least temporarily. The truth is that sharp pain in the lower back can be provoked by a number of causes. Physically demanding activities and lifting something heavy or in a forceful way very frequently result in this kind of pain because a muscle can easily be strained under such circumstances. However, the same can also occur due to awkward positions, standing for a longer time or because of bending or twisting inappropriately and thoughtlessly. Aside from these, some trauma or injury to the back either due to an accident or fall can also provoke the pain, as well as herniated disc, for example. If one already has some kind of back disorder, then the condition will only be aggravated.

In case a person does not recognize any of the mentioned possibilities as a potential cause of their pain, then it is highly recommended to visit a doctor or specialist in order to see if they can detect the cause. Even though it might never occur to some people, bowel obstruction and kidney stones also result in sharp lower back pain.

Dealing with sharp lower back pain

Even though it is not really possible, or at least it is not easy to ignore this kind of pain and to pretend that it does not exist, the person in question needs to be aware of the fact that something needs to be done about it. Taking a pain reliever from time to time will probably take away the pain at least for a while, but the chances that it will come back are high. What is even worse is that the pain in question can turn into a chronic condition, which is one of the worst outcomes, particularly if having in mind that it can be treated rather easily in the initial stages. This means that even though it might go away very quickly, it is recommended not to neglect it because timely reaction and treatment in this case as well can save one from a lot of unnecessary troubles later. On the other side, if there is some underlying condition which manifests through this symptom, then the treatment of the condition itself should be helpful enough.

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