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The pain in the lower right back occurs often enough, either because the joint in which the bones are connected is frequently in use and therefore has bigger chances of being injured or because of the muscles in the area that can develop so-called trigger points. Trigger points are the spots on the body where any kind of pressure or spur makes them more susceptible to pain.

Three bones are involved in provoking lower right back pain. Those are the spinal bone, the sacrum and the pelvic bone. The joint in which they are connected is not very well protected in any way, so the pain can easily occur during any kind of irregular sudden movement.

The muscles in the lower back have the role of keeping the upright posture and the right position of the spine. They also affect the person’s movements and the ability to do that or lift things. Since they are in almost constant to use them but they tend to tire and strain causing pain in the whole area around the spine, including right lower back.

Right lower back pain is not very serious per se, as any pain even remotely distanced from the spine will most likely not be. However, no pain should be ignored for it and it can become chronic, and that could be quite an unpleasant issue. It is best to have it checked out just to be in the clear. This especially applies to the situations in which the pain doesn’t seem to go away even after a while and the intensity remains unchanged. If this functions of the bowels or bladder alter in any way, it is highly recommended to seek a doctor’s advice.

The usual treatment for the pain in the lower right back is with the anti-inflammatory drugs, pain relievers, cortisone injections, which are extremely helpful in any kind of issue regarding the bones, and electronic stimulation and ultrasound.

These medications are used to treat only the back pain itself, and not any other problem which might have issued it in the first place. In order to tackle the matter thoroughly one should deal with both the lower right back pain and the underlying cause.

Any pain in the lower right back is caused by some kind of spinal imbalance. This happens because the everyday activities put a lot of strain on the spine. If one wants to resolve the entire problem and not just temporarily get rid of the pain the first step is to discover what kind of spinal imbalance is being dealt with. There are many techniques that take care of that, such as anti-inflammatory measures or acupressure.

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