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The number of people complainingabout lower left back pain is constantly increasing, and almost everyday we can hear that a person in our surrounding makes complaints about the pain in thelower back on the left side. This pain occurs frequently in many people sincethere are numerous reasons or activities that we do every day and that cancause it.

In most cases, the pain in this areais caused by the overuse of the muscles in the lower back on the lefts side. Furthermore,bad body posture, lifting heavy weight, improper exercising, as well as obesity, are usually the main causes for the occurrence of this kind of pain.

Lower left back pain in pregnancy

Every pregnant woman experiences painin this region since her body undergoes several changes in order to prepare itselffor the growing baby. The pain in the lower back on the left side occurs sincethe uterus expands and stretches the muscles in the abdomen. The gain of weightis usual for every expectant mother, and this extra weight makes a pressure on the muscles and joints, thus causing pain. The pain may also be induced when theuterus pinches the nerves in the lower lefts back.

Lower left back pain when breathing

The pain in the lower left back when breathing is usually caused by some muscle trauma or injury, and this paincan be very frustrating since we have to breathe all the time. Pulled diaphragmmuscle and muscles spasms are mostly responsible for the occurrence of pain inthis part of the body. Furthermore, there are certain cardiovasculardisorders, as well as respiratory system diseases, that may also induce pain inthe lower back on the left side and therefore, it is recommended to seek amedical help when the pain appears.

Lower left back pain due to kidneydisorders

Since we have a kidney on the leftside, we can feel a pain in this area when there are some kidney disorderspresent, such as kidney infection, for example. The person suffering from kidney infectionmay feel a pain above the left hip, and it can be accompanied by painful urination,blood in the urine and fever. The pain caused by the kidney infection may beeven increased when the bladder is full. The passing of the kidney stonesmight also induce pain in the lower left back.

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