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Lower Back Pain Problems

Lower back pain can in many cases be reduced by regular physical exercise even though the actual process may not be as obvious. Many clinical studies support the theory that lower back pain can be alleviated by sports activities, especially jogging. Although many people equate being physically fit with better heart and lung function, muscular strength helps alleviate back pain as well. There is a wide range of issues which can be solved through physical exercise. For instance, heart strength can be achieved via cardio exercise which in turns increases its functionality and reduces various problems. The stronger the heart is the less it needs to work in order to pump sufficient amount of blood. Physical activity also reduces the risk of high blood pressure and cholesterol and among other things regulates the body weight. In addition, proper physical exercise increases the number of blood vessels in the body and improves the overall circulation into all tissues, muscles, and organs. The more blood supply there is to the muscles of the spine the less back pain persons feel. It should be noted that smoking decreases the amount of blood that is pumped from the heart and in turn increases back and other muscle pain. Further, as the muscles around the lungs get stronger the lungs themselves expand easier and more oxygen is transported into muscles, reducing the pain as a result. In case the body is engaged in more physical activity, the cells are in turn able to release higher amounts of energy. As our muscles get stronger they are able to support the spine and in turn reduce the amount of pain or eliminate it altogether. Moreover, numerous clinical studies have shown that combining a healthy diet with regular physical exercise helps control the weight and subsequently reduces the possible risk of various health problems. When it comes to our joints and ligaments they need a strong blood supply in order to stay healthy and avoid injury. Regular physical exercise coupled with a balanced diet regulates the waste management in ligaments and joints bettering their state and durability. In addition, physical exercise is especially important for older people as it improves bone density and reduces the chance for osteoporosis, which is a condition that usually begins as individuals reach middle age. Finally, regular physical activity reduces stress levels since it stimulates the production of endorphins. In any case, sports activities improve the overall health of individuals and in turn reduce underlying problems, such as back pain.

Physical Fitness with Jogging

Jogging is one of the healthiest means of physical activity and it requires the work of 70 percent of the body’s muscles. As a result it quickly improves the overall fitness as well as the immune system. It is generally advised that physical activity should be started after consulting a primary health care provider. When it comes to jogging it is recommended that beginners jog for about half an hour per week, and after three weeks to a month for an hour every week. On the other hand, jogging can be very stressful for the knees and ankles, especially for those individuals who are not in shape, so people should keep in mind that if there are problems in these joints there are alternatives to jogging such as cycling or hiking. Also, it is recommended that everyone warms up for at least 5 minutes before jogging even though jogging itself is a form of a warm up. Joint and muscle warm up exercises are easy to do, take very little time, and prevent injuries. It is important to look straight ahead and keep the posture upright with shoulders relaxed at all times. Stretching is also highly recommended after any kind of exercise as it reduced the amount of soreness in the muscles. In case an individual starts to feel pain in the lateral abdomen area the breathing needs to be corrected by extending the exhaling and making it significantly longer than the inhaling. Another crucial aspect to avoid injury relates to the surface on which the person is jogging or running. Natural surfaces pose the least risks, while concrete should be avoided. Proper running shoes should be chosen, and running over irregular terrains avoided and switched with walking. Those with chronic knee problems are better off opting for another form of exercise.

Is Jogging Helping or Making it Worse?

Individuals who suffer from chronic lower back pain caused by an underlying disease or stress on the body should seek medical attention. In most cases, lower back pain brought on by running should be elevated by resting, mild stretching, and medications for sore muscles. There are, however, instances in which the lower back pain is caused by a herniated disc or degenerated disk disease, both of which require medical treatment.

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