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Extreme Lower Back Problem

There are many different causes for the extreme lower back pain and every cause demands a different treatment. In order to know more about this problem that troubles a great number of people, read the following text. This problem is very common among men and women between 30 and 50 years of age and the pain can sometimes be very great and a cause of many other problems. Acute pain is associated with the right side extreme lower back pain and the causes of this pain differ only in severity, but the consistency of the pain is common and sort of a rule. The most common causes of this kind of pain are torn muscle and trauma.


There are several causes of this problem and one of them is the sedentary lifestyle. Also, due to age, the muscle flexibility and bone strength decrease, which leads to pain. Also, the fluid that lubricates the discs decreases, also leading to pain. Some problems of bone degeneration, such as joint vital infection, osteoporosis and arthritis, can also cause extreme lower back pain. Sharp lower back pain may be caused by the abnormal conditions in the spinal column. When a person tries to lift something heavy or when overstretching, a sudden pain may appear. Due to this, sprain or ligament or muscle spasm in the back are created. The rupture of the spine may occur if there is a great pressure on the spine, but the spine can also bulge outward if this happens, and then the nerves become compressed, which inflicts pain. Some of the causes are trauma to the back, bone lesions, muscle irritation, musculoskeletal pain syndrome and extreme exercising, which exposes spine to great stress. The chest, pelvis and abdomen organs may suffer from some kind of abnormalities, which can cause the extreme lower back pain. Some of the abnormalities are ovarian disorders, pelvic infections, bladder infections, kidney disease and appendicitis, and they produce described pain. When, a woman is pregnant, the ligaments are stretched and this leads to the strain and irritation of the back. Due to this, extreme lower back pain can be felt during pregnancy. Also, this problem may be a result of weight gain and obesity.


Rest if the problem is caused by the strain or lifting objects. Lie down on your back and put the knees on some elevated area. Putting two pillows between the knees is a good idea, since this will surely decrease the pain. Remember that resting is needed in the first two days after the pain starts. Applying cold or hot packs several times during the day is a good way of fighting with inflammation and it will increase the flow of the blood. The muscles can get relaxed with the use of warm bath. There are stretches and exercises that can make the back stronger and it can speed the recovery time. Visiting a doctor is recommended if the problem persists after 72 hours without any response to the treatment.

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