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LowerRight Back Pain

Anytype of pain can disrupt one's daily routine. Back pain can beespecially annoying, as the muscles in the back are used constantlythroughout the day while sitting, walking or exercising. Evenmoderate back pain can restrict a person's range of motion and makeeven normal activities strenuous.

Due tothe fact that the lower back must carry quite a lot of weight fromthe torso, it is subject to lots of stress. As such, the most commoncause for lower back pain is muscle tension and fatigue. Injury isanother common reason for back pain; since the muscles are used too much, especially during exercise, so it can be easy to overuse andstrain them.

Thereare other, less easily noticeable causes for lower back pain. If thepain is more internal, it can be indicative of kidney stones orinfections, or perhaps even a herniated disc in the spine. Poorposture can also lead to lower back pain as the muscles are forced tocontort in uncomfortable ways and can become strained. Women cansuffer back pain due to menstruation. Osteoporosisweakens the bones and it may affect the spine and pelvis bones, causingthe lower back muscles to work harder to compensate, which leads tostrain.

Women will most certainly experience some back ache during pregnancy due tothe extra weight they must carry. As the fetus grows, the pelvicmuscles and the muscles in the back must stretch to allow space forthe baby. Hormone changes may affect the ligaments that attach thepelvis to the spine and this can cause stress and pain in the musclestoo.


Aswith all types of pain, treatment should begin as early as possible.If the condition that is causing the back pain is allowed tocontinue, the pain will worsen with time and may develop into a moreserious problem or cause other problems in the body. Therefore,determining the underlying cause of the back pain is essential to getrid of it.

Certain,non-strenuous exercises can help relieve back ache; aerobics, yogaand swimming are forms of low impact exercise that will work themuscles without too much risk of strain.

However,avoiding any activities that involve sudden back twisting or the likeis strongly advised for back pain sufferers, as this will obviouslyexacerbate the symptoms.

Massagecan help reduce muscle tension directly through the application ofgentle stretching and warmth to the muscle. Alternatively, restingthe muscles along with applying cold or warm compresses can helpalleviate muscle strain.

Severeor persistent back pains can be a cause for concern, as a seriousinjury may have occurred. A doctor consultation would be required todetermine the exact cause of the pain and for an appropriatetreatment regimen.

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