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Lower back pain is usually a sharp severe pain that manifests itself rather suddenly and tends to catch those experiencing it by surprise. Like any other kind of pain, it can be completely trivial and insignificant and go away on its own after a couple of days, or it can be a symptom of some more serious condition.

What can cause lower back pain?

One of the likely causes of lower back pain is an injury or a strain. Unless the injury was obtained in such a way, that some complications may arise, it is usually not a cause for concern and the back will heal on its own. The same thing goes for a sprain.

Another cause of the pain in the lower back is herniated disc. Herniated disc is a condition that occurs when the tissue separating the bones in the spine is ruptured.

Also, sportsmen tend to experience lower back pain from time to time, which is mostly experienced in the muscles as they can be sore due to excessive practicing and their overuse or improper warming up or cooling down.

Finally, the disc can be dislocated as a result of a particular nerve pressing it, and making it displace from its normal position.

What is the treatment for lower back pain?

The only treatment for the back pain that is not the result of any kind of serious injury is simply rest and avoidance to put pressure on the back, as well as the application of hot or cold compresses, depending in the nature of the pain.

However, should the pain be chronic or remain as a permanent consequence of a particular condition, treating it becomes much more complicated. In a very large number of cases, there are no definitive ways to get rid of lower back pain, but there only ways to find temporary relief for it or simply take it and get used to it.

Some of the options for temporary relief may include a massage or physical therapy. Also, there is always the possibility of taking pain medications, but unless the pain is only temporary, this is a rather dangerous solution because it can result in addiction and lead to even further complications. Another way to relieve lower back pain is to use back braces. This option is not very appealing to a lot of people, but if the pain is impossible to handle and there are no more suitable options, there really is no other way. Back braces can help stabilize the back and soothe the pain to an extent.

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