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Introduction to constant lower back pain

Constant lower back pain is also known as lumbago and it is something that is the very annoying and cannot be ignored because it makes everyday activities very difficult and painful for an individual.

It hurts every time a person stands up, sits, bends, or stretches. This pain that constantly shoot up the spin and the muscle spasms that occur are very nagging and sometimes will not even allow a person to get a good night’s sleep.


There are many different reasons people experience constant back pain. The most common cause is over usage. This usually results in problems that occur because of strain experiences by muscles, ligaments, discs and joints that are all located within the complex system of the lower back.

All of these parts work together in the back, and when one of them is strained or injured, the rest tend to suffer as well.

Another possible problem is sciatica, which is acute nerve root pain. This is caused by some kind of pressure that is constantly being put on the nerves located in the lower back region.

A slipped or prolapsed disc might cause this. Generally, the problem is the result of some kind of problem in the discs of the spin, because when they come out of place, they can put pressure on the nerves that are located in great amounts in that area of the body.

Another common reason for constant lower back pain is spinal stenosis, which is when the spinal canal gets narrower and pressures into the nerves and muscles, which causes a decent amount of discomfort.

Joint degeneration can also lead to pain, and this usually occurs as a person gets older.

Spinal deformities will also lead to pain, and they are usually caused by poor posture or they might even by genetic birth defects in some cases.

Dysmenorrhea is a condition that is experienced by women during their menstrual period and it causes the muscles in the lower back to cramp and spasm.

It will go away once the period subsides, but it does cause a lot of discomfort for the two weeks that it does occur in on a monthly basis, which can still be considered to be constant lower back pain.

Constant back pain can also be caused by bacterial infections that affect the pine and by blood that carries the infection into the back region.

Spinal tumors, stress, depression and fractures of the bones, especially ribs, can also lead to constant back problems.

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