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It is estimated that between 70 and 90 percent of the world’s population suffer from some degree of back pain. For some people it is a thing that occurs occasionally, or only once, due to, for example, an injury or strain. For others, it is a chronic problem that seriously affects the quality of life. Back pain is very frustrating and upsetting, it disturbs the normal pattern of daily activities and it can make even the simplest activity very hard or even impossible.

Back pain comes in different forms. It can be sharp, throbbing, dull, aching, mild, moderate and severe. It can affect the lower back, the middle back, the upper back, the left or the right side of the back.

The solution and relief for back pain cannot be achieved if there is no understanding of the pain itself - what the symptoms are, what is the cause, how it is diagnosed and what is the best medical treatment for it.

Back pain relief solutions

The solution for back pain depends, of course, on the cause. However, in the case of lower back pain, the best course of treatment is conservative intervention. It rarely happens that if the surgery is not done as soon as the lower back pain starts, the condition will worsen. Therefore, the pain is managed in different ways, with an overall physical and also psychological program. This usually includes exercise. There are many types of exercise that aim to strengthen and support the back and if they are done regularly and properly, they often solve the problem with back pain.

It is also often necessary to adopt certain posture and movement strategies as back pain can result from bad posture as well. Yoga is also found to be very efficient for this purpose.

Alongside exercise, other ways of treatment can be adopted. They may include pain killers, epidural analgesics, topical medications, acupuncture, acupressure, herbal remedies, biofeedback, self-help techniques, massage and many more.

However, in some cases, these strategies, methods and techniques are simply not enough. The underlying cause of back pain may require more invasive treatment, which involves a surgical procedure.

Back pain should be approached seriously because the problem causing it may be a serious one. On the other hand, it can be a simple problem, such as weak muscles or bad posture, and the pain can be avoided very easily and quickly. Therefore, it is imperative to see a doctor who will examine the back carefully and thoroughly and decide, together with the patient, what is the best solution for back pain.

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