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There is hardly anyone in the world who has never felt pain in some part of his/her stomach. This pain is not always related to some serious condition. It can be temporary and caused by some small injury to the abdomen. However, if the pain is sharp and persists for more than a day or two, the best thing to do is to visit a doctor.In the view of the fact that a few of the most important organs in the body are housed in the abdominal area, it is quite expectable to experience ache or pain in some part of the abdomen when any of these organs are damaged, impaired or affected by some disorders or diseases. The abdomen is the area which can be divided into three of four parts. In the first division there is upper, middle and lower abdomen, while in the second there are four quadrants of the abdomen: upper, lower, right and left.
Causes of sharp pain in lower abdomen
A variety of factors is responsible for the incidence of sharp pain in the lower abdomen, which also includes the pelvic region.Abnormal growth of malignant cells within the bladder results in the development of the bladder cancer, which manifests itself through the several symptoms, including the sharp pain in the pelvis. In most cases, this serious ailment is early diagnosed since it has easily recognizable through the symptoms like painful urination and hematuria, besides the pain. The early diagnosis is followed by prompt treatment and the affected person has great chances to be cured.Sharp pain in the pelvis results from the present ectopic pregnancy in women. Instead of implanting itself in the uterus lining, the fertilized egg does it in some other place, mostly in the fallopian tube. The medical intervention is required when it comes to the ectopic pregnancy since this condition may be even fatal.The crystalline stones formed of the calcium and uric acid in the kidneys may cause a terrible pain in the lower abdomen, which may radiate to the lower back.A gastrointestinal tract disorder known as irritable bowel syndrome manifests through the constant altering of constipation and diarrhea, and it is also among the potential triggers of the sharp pain in the lower abdominal region.When any part of the urinary system develops some infection and becomes inflamed, the pain may be experienced in the pelvis. Bacteria are the pathogens that cause urinary tract infections.Sharp pain in the lower abdomen is mainly experienced by women since it is connected to the menstrual cycle in many cases. However, ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids are also culprits for the occurrence of the agonizing pain in this region.

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