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About Lower Back Pain

Lower back in humans usually bears large percent of a person’sweight, and because of that it is important to take care of this part of thebody.

Depending on how long the painful sensation in theback lasts for, doctors differentiate acute and chronic pain. Acute pain is sharp andeasily located at a specific spot, and in most patients doesn’t last for a longtime. Chronic pain in the lower back is something that bothers patients for awhile, and most of them complain about dull aches. When the pain lasts very long,these people may experience pain even during some normal positions such as simplemanual work or bending of the body. According to the place of origin, there arenociceptive pain, which originated outside the nervous system and neuropathicpain, caused by a problem in the nerve tissue. Arthritis is well knownnociceptive pain, while a pinched nerve is an example of a neuropathic pain.

Pain in the lower back can be a symptom of some seriousmedical conditions or improper posture of the body, but before coming up with any theories youshould consult your doctor and find out what have caused it.

Possible Causes of Pain in the Lower Back

Fast lifestyle and constant changes present in lives of manypeople often result in the lower back pain. The most common of allcauses of the pain in the lower right side of the back is an injury. Temporary injury ofthe back causes acute pain, but when a person experiences serious trauma orfracture, it can result in chronic pain of his or hers lower back.

Starting with something you can easily change, your posture plays an important part in your lower back condition. Improper posture during usual dailyand nightly activities can cause the problem in the lower back. Walking orsitting and even sleeping with improper posture may cause back pain. Liftingheavy objects while bending your upper body instead of your knees may also provoke thesame back problem. Improper stretching after some intense physical activity isalso potentially harmful for your back.

Imbalance of the muscles, muscle strains or injuries, as wellas the injuries of the joints or ligaments can be an additional reason behind thelower back pain. Obese people may also experience same kind of pain, because ofthe excess weight and added pressure on the lower back.

When there is a pinched nerve in your back, like insciatica, there are high chances you will suffer from back pain, too. Herniatedor ruptured discs, osteoporosis, spondylosis and some kidney diseases can also cause the lower back pain.

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