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Information on Gyro

Gyro is among the most popular Greek types of food and canbe compared to Middle Eastern shawarma or perhaps the Mexican tacos. All threeof those are actually recipes which originate from a Turkish recipe for a dishknown as doner kebab. Gyro incorporates stacking of pieces of meat on a spitand placing it above a broiler. The meat pieces need to be accompanied bystrips of fat so that the meat can be moist and crispy during the process ofroasting. The meat is cut vertically into small thin slices off the hanginggyro. It needs to be served with grilled bread known as pita and an assortmentof sauces, vegetables and condiments. French fries are always a welcomeaddition to a gyro.

Calories in Gyro

Different ways of serving the gyro are often associated withdifferent amounts of values. A typical Greek gyro uses pork but there are alsoinstances where instead of pork one may opt for chicken, beef or lamb.Sometimes different types of meat can be combined as well. Every gyro containsthe traditional Greek sauce called tzatziki. Vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuceand onion along with French fries are also an integral part of every gyro. Thepita bread can be Cypriot or Arabic. The recipes for gyro vary greatly aroundthe world and so do the amounts of calories they contain. A common serving ofgyro contains 630.9 calories of which there are 131.4 calories from the fatcontent. The same serving also contains 14.57 grams of total fat, 44.8 grams ofprotein, 5.69 grams of saturated fat, 3.88 grams of dietary fibers, 1.59 gramsof polyunsaturated fat, 77.26 grams of carbohydrates, 5.25 grams ofmonounsaturated fat, 777.77 milligrams of potassium, 1011.7 milligrams ofsodium and 128.1 milligrams of cholesterol. Gyro can also be considered a goodsource of certain nutrients such as vitamin A, zinc, vitamins from the Bcomplex, iron, vitamin C, copper, vitamin E, phosphorus, vitamin D, calcium andmagnesium.

Comparison of Gyro

An average Greek gyro sandwich can contain about 667calories but if it comes with salad dressings and sauces the calorie count canbe increased by 110. Chicken gyro usually contains much more calories than itsbeef or lamb counterparts. The calories in a single gyro serving can be as highas 800 calories. Fortunately, that is still less calories than hamburgers orpizza.

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