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Information on Miso Soup

Miso soup is an excellent food of choice for all those whoare worried about their calorie intake because it only contains low amount ofcalories and it also provides the human body with numerous health benefits.Miso is a fermented soy bean paste and it can be characterized by a butterytexture and a pleasant salty flavor.

Miso can also be made from other types ofsources such as wheat, rice or barley. Miso originated from Japan and it is nowin important and popular ingredient in numerous different types of dishrecipes. The color of miso can vary from brown to white and the darker thecolor, the more salty miso actually gets. The darker varieties of miso alsohave a richer flavor. Miso has gained its popularity mainly because of the misosoup. It has a texture like broth and it is a soup of light and mild flavor.Other ingredients of miso soup commonly include tofu, seaweed, scallions, fishand mushrooms.

Miso Soup: Nutritional Information

An ounce of miso soup contains 10 calories, 43 milligrams ofpotassium, 0.92 grams of carbohydrates, 118 milligrams of sodium, 0.4 grams offat and 0.71 grams of protein. Half a cup of miso soup contains 42 calories,153 milligrams of potassium, 3.24 grams of carbohydrates, 416 milligrams ofsodium, 2.51 grams of protein and 1.4 grams of fat. A cup full of miso soupcontains 84 calories, 367 milligrams of potassium, 7.78 grams of carbohydrates,998 milligrams of sodium, 3.36 grams of carbohydrates and 6.02 grams ofproteins. Different ingredients of miso soup such as mushrooms, carrots,seaweed, garlic, tofu, spinach, clams and fish add to the amount of calories aswell.

Miso Soup: Nutritional Benefits

Miso is an excellent source of vitamin 12, sodium,manganese, zinc and copper. Miso soup is very efficient in boosting the immunesystem, detoxifying the body, fighting the free radicals and reducing thedamage they cause to the human body. Miso soup is very beneficial in providingthe human body with precious energy as well.

It is very good when it comes tomaintaining good health of the joints and bones. Miso soup is very good at providinggood circulation and a proper oxygen supply to all the different body parts. Itis also efficient in preventing certain types of cancer. The only problem withmiso soup is that it contains relatively high amounts of sodium.

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