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Information on Tonic Water

Tonic water is also sometimes referred to as Indian tonicwater. It is a carbonated soft drink which is flavored by quinine. It can becharacterized by a bitter taste which comes from its quinine content. Bitterflavoring is supposed to avail certain medicinal effects from the tonic water.The first purpose of adding quinine to tonic water was the prevention ofmalaria because tonic water was meant to be sold in the tropical areas ofAfrica and South Asia. Malaria is endemic in those regions. Gin and tonic is apopular drink nowadays. It originates from India but it is now popular everywherearound the world.

Tonic Water Ingredients

Tonic water was first meant to be used for numerousmedicinal purposes. It contained only carbonated water with the addition oflarge amounts of quinine. Nowadays, the amounts of quinine are much lower becauseit is added to the water simply to provide it with its characteristic flavor.Tonic water is less bitter nowadays and during the production it gets sweetenedby sugar or corn syrup. There are certain types of diet tonic water but theycommonly contain artificial sweeteners.

The FDA allows 83 parts of quinine permillion which comes to 83 milligrams per liter. It is equal to half of theconcentration of quinine commonly used for the production of therapeutic tonic.16 fluid ounces of carbonated tonic water contain 166 calories, 0.005 miligramsof manganese, 42.94 grams of total sugars, 0.029 milligrams of copper, 0.49grams of ash, 0.49 milligrams of zinc, 42.94 grams of carbohydrates, 59milligrams of sodium, 5 milligrams of calcium and 0.05 milligrams of iron.Carbonated tonic water does not contain any dietary fiber, selenium, protein,potassium, fat, phosphorus or magnesium.

Calories in Tonic Water and Vodka

Each fluid ounce of carbonated tonic water contains 10calories while each fluid ounce of vodka contains 64 calories. One and a halffluid ounces of jigger contain somewhere around 95 calories. Flavored types ofvodka usually contain even more calories. Cocktails commonly contain juices andliqueurs which add even more calories to the bill. Screwdriver contains 6ounces of orange juice and 84 calories. A shot of vodka with cranberry juicemay contain up to 140 calories.

Tonic and gin is actually among the lowestcalorie alcoholic drinks. Quinine from the tonic water may provide a relief forall those who suffer from night cramps.

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