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Information on Peas

The pea plant is an annual one which means that its lifecycle lasts for one year and it grows from early winter months all the way tothe summer season. Its botanical name is pisum sativum. The plant bears greenpods in which the peas are contained. The pea plant has many varieties and somevarieties are actually eating with the pods. Some varieties need to be grownuntil the pods become mature enough. Peas are available in their fresh formonly during the summer season but they may also be purchased in a canned formduring the entire year.

Calories in Peas

Each cup of raw green peas contains 117 calories. A cup ofboiled split peas contains 231 calories. A cup of edible podded raw peascontains approximately 41 calories, while each cup of raw mature split peaseeds contains up to 672 calories. A cup of frozen peas may contain up to 110calories while on the other hand a cup of sprouted mature peas seeds containsapproximately 154 calories. Each can of boiled peas contains 134 calories whilea can of regular canned peas contains 117 calories.

Peas are an excellentsource of numerous different types of nutrients. A serving of 145 grams of peascontains 2 percent fat, 13 percent copper, 7 percent carbohydrates, 12 percentzinc, 22 percent vitamin A, 12 percent magnesium, 97 percent vitamin C, 16percent phosphorus, 4 percent calcium, 10 percent potassium, 12 percent iron,12 percent vitamin B6, 26 percent thiamin, 2 percent panthothenic acid, 11percent riboflavin and 15 percent niacin.

Health Benefits of Peas

Peas do not have plenty of calories so they are a goodchoice for all those who want to lose some excess weight. Peas are a remarkablesource of dietary fiber and they can be of great help for all those who sufferfrom constipation and even cataracts and macular degeneration.

Green peas arevery efficient in providing the human body with precious energy, improving thefunctioning of the nerves and speeding up the metabolism of carbohydrates.Green peas are known for their potent antioxidant properties and they are verybeneficial in maintaining proper bone health and preventing cancer. Green peascan be planted in a simple home garden.

They can be cooked in numerousdifferent ways but the healthiest way is to steam or boil them. They can alsobe used to make different stew and soup recipes.

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