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Home remedies

People are generally not aware that they probablyalready have at least a few home remedies at disposal in their kitchens, orthat they can get them more than easily in practically every supermarket. What iseven better about them is that they are completely natural, the risk of sideeffects is not present at all, and when compared to the prices of the treatmentsat dermatologist office, these are incredibly cheaper. As for theireffectiveness, they should really be given a try, although the person needs tobe patient before the results become noticeable. The results will begin toappear gradually, and no miracles can be expected over night. On the otherside, there is no reason why a few different options should not be tried out because theyare definitely safe. Still, it is necessary to be aware of the fact that thesehome remedies help only with mild acne scars, whereas severe cases do require professionalhelp and treatment. The early stages of acne scars can definitely be treatedwith success in this way.

Home remedies that can help in removing acne scars

Lemon juice is a number one solution, and all that is neededis to squeeze the juice of one lemon and apply it directly on scars with a cottonball. The face needs to be rinsed off after fifteen minutes, and that is all.Tomato slices can be placed over acne scars, since thisvegetable is rich in antioxidants and vitamin A, which have the ability to help the skin to heal.A paste made of sandalwood and a few drops of rosewater canbe used a facial mask, but it is recommended to leave it overnight and wash offin the morning.Soda can also be of help in cases of acne scars,particularly when mixed with a teaspoon of water, for example, but it should notbe kept on face for more than a minute.Honey helps the acne scars to disappear due to its medicinal properties,and it only has to be put directly on the acne scars.Egg whites are also a home remedy that is known to successfullytreat acne scars, but it is recommended to use cotton to apply it.A good facial mask can be made of one tablespoon of yogurt,sour cream and oatmeal and a few drops of lemon juice. It can be used for theentire face, not only for areas with acne scars, but it needs to be washed offafter 15 minutes.

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