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Acne is very common skin problem that many people face. Nearly everyone had pimples at one point in life. If they are not treated properly they may leave scars. Pimples are consequences of clogged pores. Since there is a clog, natural oil from skin cannot reach the surface. There are bacteria under clog. After that the skin starts swelling and soon the pimple will emerge. One type of acne is cystic acne and if these are scratched and not taken care of, scarring will occur and thus ruin one’s look.

There are several ways to fight this problem. There are many effective methods of removing scars such as derma roller treatment, dermabrasion, collagen injections, laser treatment or even surgical methods. They are available at different dermatologists. However, these treatments tend to be very expensive, may cause allergic reactions and may last only for a certain period of time (scars can show up again).

Another way to deal with the problem is using home remedies. The best way to treat scars is preventing them from occurring. One will do that but taking good care of their skin, not touching the face, being careful while shaving etc. The most important is refraining oneself to touch or squeeze pimples that are already there.Natural remedies for scars are safe way of treating them, that is, they have no side effects. However, they are effective only for mild scarring.Very good on acne scarring is vitamin E oil. It is recommended that a person is persistent with it if they want their scarring to disappear (one application will not make a big difference).

Another good recipe that helps is applying a mixture of cucumber and tomato juice on the scarring. One can also put lemon juice on their acne marks. Since garlic has anti-bacterial property one can make a paste from from fine pieces of garlic and rub it onto their scarring. It is usual that the paste is held for about 15 minutes and then to be washed off. Another great paste is made of sandalwood powder and a little bit of rosewater. An oatmeal paste is excellent for skin and can also help get rid of scarring. Further on, honey can be heated and applied on one’s face. Egg white can treat scars when put directly on them. Last three products can be used as masks that one can regularly put on their face (one should leave those masks for approximately 30 minutes). All these methods of treating acne scars are effective but work slowly that is treatment with them needs to be repeated many times.

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