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The skin is the largest organ of the human body and it is an important organ when it comes to excretion. Many processes inside the body reflect on the skin and it will be among the first to show signs of nutrient deficiency that the body may be experiencing.

Beautiful skin means healthy skin. In order to maintain its health, we need to nourish is from the inside as well as from the outside.

Taking care of the skin from the inside

A balanced healthy diet is the number one factor for healthy and nice looking skin. This means as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. Organic produce, if available, is always the best choice. Sugars can harm the skin and cause many problems, like acne, so it is recommended to avoid it and use honey instead.

Junk food is not good for the skin and it is not good for the overall health and should therefore be avoided. Fried foods are the worst, especially for the people with oily complexion. White bread should be replaced with whole grain bread, just like the cereals.

Applying generous amounts of moisturizers will do no good if the skin is not moisturized from inside. This means drinking plenty of water, starting from the first thing in the morning. It is recommended to drink tepid water and to add a few drops of lemon juice.

Beverages that contain caffeine, like tea or coffee, should be avoided or replaced with green or white tea, which also contain caffeine, but it have many other health benefits that make up for it.

A very effective trick for a glowing skin is to soak 4-5 raisins in a glass of water overnight and to drink it in the morning. This remedy is also helpful with constipation.

Taking care of the skin from the outside

There are many natural ways to moisturize and nourish the skin without harming its natural balance and without chemicals.

For example, exfoliating the skin twice a week with orange peel powder mixed with rose water is an excellent way to clean the pores, prevent blackheads and allow the skin to glow.

Steaming the face is a good way to open the pores in order to clean them properly. The water used for steaming can be combined with some lemon juice, lavender oil or rose water. The face should be washed with cold water after steaming, in order to promote the circulation.

An excellent mask for oily skin can be made from clay, rosewater and sandalwood paste. This mask should be applied twice a week.

Mashed papaya applied to the face will make the skin look brighter and fresher, and cucumbers will cool it, tone it and slightly tighten it.

Yogurt can be used as a healthy cleanser and it does wonders if applied on sunburns, and honey works as a natural moisturizer.

A paste made from a handful of fenugreek leaves mashed together is a perfect mask for those who want their skin to glow, and it is also effective against blackheads.

Proper hygiene, exercise, using lukewarm water and never ever going to bed with the makeup still on are the basic factors that contribute to a healthy, beautiful skin.

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