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Warts are caused by viral infections of the skin. They couldhappen to anyone, regardless their age or gender, and in most cases warts arenot reasons to panic or get upset. Small cuts, sores or scratches on the skinare places where viruses enter and cause abnormal growth on your skin calledwarts. They can be white, brown or black, and very easily transferred toanother person. Handshake with a person affected by warts, or even using thesame towel can provoke warts on your skin, also.

There is no reason to panic, because warts can be easily managedat home, with the things you usually already have around you.

Natural Oils

Essential oils have proven to be great home remedies forwarts. You might try some camphor, castor or even tea tree oil to get rid ofthese skin protrusions. Apply the oil in the affected area of the skin andmassage thoroughly at least couple of minutes, several times during the day. Generalrule is more frequent you apply the oil, more quick the wart will heal.


Cloves of garlic are also excellent home remedy for theseskin changes. Use freshly crushed garlic cloves, cover the warts on your skinwith that paste and secure it with a bandage or using some cloth. It’s advisedto perform the procedure before bedtime and leave the bandage overnight. Some claimthat only one treatment with garlic was sufficient to get rid of all theirwarts.

Banana Peel

You can also place the inside of a banana peel to you warts.Secure banana peel with some bandage and leave on your skin for some time,preferably during a weekend you stay at home.

Duct Tape

Adhesive chemical in duct tape can also affect the warts onyour skin. According to the advice, you should place a small patch of the ducttape to the wart and leave it there for a whole day to work. Be persistent, forit is said to work after some time and remove layer after layer of the wart.


Combine flax oil, ground flax seeds and add some honey tothe mixture. Use it to cover your warts and leave it on them as long as youcan, if possible for a whole day. Using this remedy regularly should help you cure all your warts.


Fresh pineapple rubbed against the warts should also bebeneficial. Repeat the procedure several times for two days and it will resolve allyour skin problems with warts.

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