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The Pestering Warts

Warts are the type of skin conditionwhich is manifested through having an unsightly bump on the surface ofyour skin, causing discomfort on both physical and mental plan ofyour well-being. The main reason behind this problem is the humanpapillomavirus, a type of virus which can get transferred from onehuman being to another through clothes, sheets or direct physicalcontact. Therefore, this unpleasant skin condition is to be removedas soon as possible. One of the best, although quite strange,remedies is the popular removal of warts by using duct tape. Thistape has had many different usages so far, but this makes it evenmore useful. Namely, you are to stick a duct tape over the wart,causing irritation to your skin, triggering our body's immune systemwhich otherwise cannot perceive the warts as a threat. So, by usingduct tape against warts, you stimulate your organism to fight thisannoying skin virus.

How to Use Duct Tape Against Warts?

The first thing you need to do is toapply a small fitting part of duct tape onto the wart. You shouldkeep it on, or reapply it once it happens to fall of, maintaining itspresence on the wart for 6 days. Next, once this process is done, youare to remove the tape, immerse the wart into warm water, and useitems like pumice stone in order to remove the outer layers of thewart. Once this is done successfully, you are to place the duct tapeback and repeat the whole process for an additional day, beforeremoving more of the wart. It is thought that this process willcompletely remove warts during a period from two weeks to two months.

Useful or Not?

Even though duct tape against warts hasbecome a wide-known method of “alternative medicine” so far, manystill do not believe in its power. Rather, they are quite doubtfuland cannot seem to perceive how may tape do any good againstpersistent skin problems. Also, dermatologists claim that they havewitnessed many people seeking help from them, once the duct tapemethod proved to be useless.

Finally, the duct tape method may ormay not work for you. It has been proven that it is more effective onchildren, due to the fact that they have stronger immune systems thanadults do. However, the conclusion is not yet over. Perhaps, it isyour experience which can either prove this method useful or prove itcompletely useless.

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