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The itch you get after the mosquito bite is actually an allergic response to mosquito saliva that he inserts into your skin just before he starts sucking your blood. Thus the best cure against mosquito bites is to try not to get one. However, dodging mosquito bites is not that easy. You can use repellents, or even stay indoors, but still you can end up attacked by this insect. So let’s talk about the thing you can do to stop the itching.

Stopping the Itch

One solution is to apply ice on the bite. You can use either a topical or an oral antihistamine product that can help stop the itch. The only problem is that oral antihistamines can lead to drowsiness, and because of that oral antihistamines can be a bad choice.There is a vast selection of products sold just as a remedy for insect bites. For example, Calamine lotion - that can be used to calm itching skin. This lotion is a well-known remedy for itchy skin, such as the kind that results from poison ivy and chicken pox. Then there is Hydrocortisone cream. This cream can also help reduce itching. Moreover, there are countless different mixtures you can add to your bath that will calm your itchy skin. The most popular choice is colloidal oatmeal, but you can also add baking soda to your water to help ease the itch.

Folklore Remedies

There are some folklore cures for mosquito bites. The famous one is tobacco juice. Still, this one can stain your clothes, so you have to take care when applying it on the mosquito bite. Rubbing a slightly moistened bar of ivory soap across the irritated area of the skin can also ease itching. Studies showed that honey and tea tree oil have many antibacterial properties. Furthermore, some advocate using a cotton ball to apply honey, tea tree oil, apple vinegar, or even bleach or ammonia to the skin.

Homemade Remedies

Next, there are many traditional homemade cures for mosquito bites. One can make a paste from crushed Aspirin by adding a bit of water. This is said to ease the itch made by mosquito saliva. One can also make a paste from baking soda and water and apply it on the surface of the bite. You can also make a paste made of meat tenderizer that has the papain enzyme in itself. This can also reduce irritation. Finally, many people say that making a paste from garlic, water and salt will sting for a while when applied to the bite, but then the itching will stop for good.

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