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There is a saying: honeymoon is over, but what does it actually mean? Well, after years of being in a marriage or a long-term relationship, many people will say that all that is left is a habit of living together and a bit of respect. When that respect is gone, divorce is inevitable. But is the situation really so gloomy?

The problem

The problems in relationship start soon after the first wave of being in love is over. This is the period where people start to really see their partners and to realize what the bad sides of the relationship are. This is usually based on negative characteristics of their partner’s personality. Something that looked cute and funny before is slowly becoming obnoxious and irritating. So, what is really the situation here? If being in love does not grow into true love, then there is no solution. People have to think hard about why they are in a relationship. They have to look at the good and bad sides and see which one will prevail. Does being blindly in love help? Yes and no. Being madly in love with someone will help deal easier with the partner’s personality, but as already mentioned before, being in love will be over sooner or later and then the problems begin.

The important thing is that, if a person loves their partner, then everything can be sorted out. But not without tolerance, not without a lot of patience! Be prepared to understand this relationship advice: be willing to have your partner be upset with you! Partners make each other angry in a relationship, which is a normal and even welcomed thing sometimes. There are partners who keep everything to themselves and do not want to share their contempt, which is why they end up being very angry. This is not a solution to a relationship problem

The solution

A fight among partners will come and go. It is important to talk about the problem with cool heads and without yelling. Partners must listen to each other and understand what the essence of the problem is. This will help with either solving a problem or with realizing that the problem is the obstacle that might end the relationship. The problem will never go away on its own; it has to be either solved or accepted as a reason for a break up. As already said, if love feelings are too strong, then no matter how big that problem is, it will be solved somehow.

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